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  • ifly singapore indoor skydiving experience

    iFly Singapore: Experience Indoor Skydiving in Singapore

    Jumping from an airplane to experience the thrill of skydiving is not an idea that is welcomed by many people out of fear or health constraints. However; this doesn’t mean that they can never get to experience the rush of skydiving in their lives. Of Course they have a similar and safer option waiting for […] More

  • Wavehouse Sentosa

    Wave House Sentosa Saturates Pure Water Love with Modern Technology

    A beautifully decorated place with heavily streaming waters, finger-licking cuisines, music and never-ending fun is when annexed with European romance and western culture, it makes Wave House Sentosa. Soaking your muscles in crystal clear water, dancing on the waves, partying whole night, eating your favorite cuisines, drinking the world’s best vodka and beer, relaxing on […] More

  • Azzura Beach Club – An Entertainment, dining and hydrosports complex

    Azzura Beach Club Highlights Looking out for all-in-one fun place? Azzura Beach Club in Sentosa will perfectly serve your purpose for entertainment and dining; all under one roof. This modernistic beach club is designed keeping the Asian taste in mind. To create a perfect beach lifestyle, they have used color azure in most of their […] More

  • eXplorerKid Family Park – Singapore Largest Indoor Playground for Kids

    eXplorerKid Family Park Highlights Singapore has something for everyone! And this is proved true if you pay a visit to one of the largest indoor kid playground known as eXplorerKid Family Park. Although, the name has the word “Family” attached to it, but the kids are the one who enjoy by indulging themselves in some […] More

  • Explore Sentosa Island with GoGreen Cycle & Island Explorer

    Sentosa Island is a place where you never get tired of wandering and exploring places. This exotic island is full of surprises, twists and turns and if you think that you have seen it all, then you might be wrong. There are areas still unexplored or less explored, waiting for you. If the tourist inside […] More

  • Segway Sentosa Eco Adventure Offers Asia’s First Segway Experience

    Nothing can be better than a two wheel ride when you are too exhausted to wander along the beaches of the Sentosa on your feet. Sentosa brings you the very first Segway attraction in Asia. Hop on a Segway Sentosa Personal Transporter (PT) and start exploring. You will find guidance at every step and the […] More

  • The Flying Trapeze Paves Wondrous Routes in Sky in Sentosa

    Fun never ends in Sentosa! No matter which route you take, that road will take you towards more fun and excitement. If you think you have seen enough of Sentosa and preparing to bid farewell, then wait and read about the Flying Trapeze. Take part or just view it from the ground, this flying act […] More

  • The Singapore River Cruise

    Facts about The Singapore River Cruise: The Singapore River extends for 4.1 kilometres (2.55 miles) and flows under 12 bridges. Singapore River Cruise was awarded the license to provide river services in 1987. The rides are performed in “bumboats”, typical vessels once used to ferry cargo along the Singapore River from ships anchored in the […] More

  • Singapore HIPPO Tour: Sightseeing

    Singapore HIPPO Tours: Sightseeing in Every Way Possible

    If you can’t decide between seeing Singapore through its riverside or seeing it by land, there’s an option that includes both of them: Singapore HIPPO tours. Since 2001, the DUCK & HIPPO group has been offering tours on their HIPPORiver Cruise as well as on the Singapore Sightseeing Bus –an open-top two-story bus offering a […] More

  • MaxOut Hydrosports | the Extreme Side of Singapore Tourism

    MaxOut Hydrosports | the Extreme Side of Singapore Tourism

    Singapore definitely has something for every taste, and if you want to enhance your trip with some extreme water experiences, you can head to MaxOut Hydrosports and enjoy a day of adrenaline on the water. From wakeboarding to banana boat rides, this company provides tourists with aquatic fun all week long. It started back in […] More

  • Forest Adventure in Singapore

    Forest Adventure in Singapore

    If your life is getting very boring due to your daily routines at work and at home, you should have to take a break, go out into the Sun and try to have some fun. Do you have any idea what is flying fox? Or have you tried walking in a tight rope? Have you […] More

  • seat of gmax reverse bungee jumping

    G-Max Reverse Bungee Jumping

    G-Max Reverse Bungee Jumping Experience G-Max Reverse Bungee Jumping in Clark Quay Singapore is one of the world renowned bungee jumping sites that are located in Singapore. To savour the thrill of the gravitational force of the earth, you should at least try to go on bungee jumping. And there’s no place but to try […] More

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