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  • chinese new year singaporeSingapore

    Singapore blooms with Chinese New Year 2014 (CNY) Celebration

     Chinese New Year 2014 in Singapore Highlights Singapore once again blooms with the celebration of Chinese New Year 2014 and why not? After all, this is the most celebrated holiday in Singapore considering the fact that there are over 70% Chinese living in Singapore. I will be right by saying that Chinese New Year is […] More

  • Top sectors Singapore

    The 5 Top Sectors in Singapore

    With Brexit negotiations now underway, you could forgive some individuals for thinking that their future may lie abroad. After all, nobody knows how Brexit will play out, other than the fact that it is likely to increase the cost of living while freezing job creation and wage growth. So, the temptation to move to a […] More

  • SG Career Ideas

    5 Expat Career Ideas in Singapore You Might Not Have Considered but Should

    Some people know what they want to do as a career from a very young age and will not stop working until they reach the very top. However, others will constantly hop from one profession to another, desperately seeking job satisfaction and impressive remuneration at the same time. If this sounds familiar or you simply […] More

  • chinese new year gift hampers in singapore

    Chinese New Year Gift Hampers in Singapore Shopping Guide

    Singapore is known for its grand celebration to welcome Chinese New Year all over the world. These celebrations last for 15 days here. A large number of events are organized across the country and people are found joyously celebrating the festive season.  Any event is incomplete without the sweet delights and special Chinese New Year […] More

  • chinese new year 2016 Singapore

    Chinese New Year 2016 Celebrations in Singapore

    The Chinese calendar marks a highly significant every year, which is full of celebrations and fun, not only for the Chinese community alone, but for everyone seeking great indulgence in festivity. Chinese New Year, which is also known as Lunar New Year and Spring Festival, brings great celebration and vivid colors with sheer exuberance. People […] More

  • chinese new year cookies in Singapore

    Places to Shop for Chinese New Year Cookies in Singapore

    It’s time to say Goodbye to the Sheep’s year and welcome the Monkey’s year. Well, among 10-12 zodiac animal signs symbolize the Chinese New Year and this time it’s Monkey. How is it possible to welcome Chinese New Year without sweets? Singapore, which is known for its grand celebration of Chinese New Year, comes with […] More

  • Buying Property in Malaysia Concept

    A Practical Approach to Buying and Selling Property in Malaysia

    The economy is always changing. At one point, it can perform well, and just before you know it, it can begin to plummet. The dynamic and unstable status of the economy makes people think twice about buying or selling property. Despite the wobbly market, according to Style At Home experts, this is the perfect time […] More

  • Property Guide Singapore

    A Handy Guide to the Different Property Types in Singapore

    As a country with a vibrant economy, a stable political scene, and a healthy job market, it’s not surprising that a lot of people consider Singapore as one of the best places in the world to relocate one’s life to. But with the influx of professionals, students, and expats, comes the increased demand for real […] More

  • SG buying new condo

    The Checklist: What to Look for When Buying a New Condo

    Purchasing a condo can be a very exciting venture since you get to explore the different options that are out there and determine what would suit you best. However, do you know what to look for when it comes to picking condos for sale on sites like DDProperty? Price is a factor, but what about […] More

  • BBQ Caterers in Singapore

    Best 5 BBQ Caterers in Singapore for Savory Food

    BBQ cuisines are desired by foodies all around the world. For this reason, BBQ caterers are increasing in numbers. Singapore is no exception when it comes to BBQ food and BBQ catering. Singapore is full of quality and affordable caterers who are well known for their BBQ range. Whether it is a party, dinner or […] More

  • New Year countdown in Singapore

    Be Part of New Year Countdown in Singapore

    Singapore is renowned for its amazing nightlife as well as for being the preferred choice of tourists from across the world. The city has a lot to offer to its guests and residents with the best nightclubs and party zones. So, how is it possible that it would lack behind in celebration of New Year […] More

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