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  • the live turtle tortoise museum

    Turtle Museum in Singapore holds world record for largest Turtle collection

    You might have been to museums worldwide that keep history stored in them, but missing a visit to the a museum that holds a Guinness World Record in the collection of turtles and tortoise will be extremely regrettable. Singapore is the home to biggest collection of turtle & tortoise from all over the world and […] More

  • Malay Heritage Centre

    Malay Heritage Centre Singapore

    Malay Heritage Centre is an initiative of the government of Singapore, who believe that each and every ethnic community in Singapore is entitled to have their own heritage centre. This is a collaboration of all the treasures, cultures and traditions of different ethnic groups compiled into one hall. We cannot deny the fact that Singapore […] More

  • Chinese Heritage Centre Singapore

    Further your exploration of Singapore’s unique multi-ethnic diversity with a tour of the Chinese Heritage Centre. With a historic and cultural insight into various overseas Chinese communities around the world, the CHC was founded in 1995 with the purpose of raising awareness of and celebrating what it means to be Chinese. Ode to a Legacy […] More

  • Civil Deference Heritage Gallery

    Civil Defence Heritage Gallery

    Civil Defence Heritage Gallery is a symbol of pride the state has in its civil defence system. The gallery outlines Singapore’s fire fighting as well as civil defence developments from the late 1800’s until contemporary times, and aspires to raise public awareness about civil defence. Civil Defence Heritage Gallery Highlights You will be impressed by […] More

  • singapore philatelic museum

    Singapore Philatelic Museum

    Singapore Philatelic Museum Highlights Although their usage is now rapidly decreasing, stamps have for centuries been politically iconic as well as an essential part of the postal system. For anyone interested in philately, the study of stamps, or even in the evolution of Singaporean globally networking system, the Singapore Philatelic Museum is a must-see museum […] More

  • Singapore Mint Coin Gallery

    Ah, coins. What other mass-produced object can be so emblematic of history, of politics, and most of all, of man’s attachment to money? The fittingly titled “Striking a Legacy” is the Singapore Mint’s coin gallery remarkable display of of coins, medallions, and medals from the world. The history Some of the rare coins showcased here […] More

  • SGH Museum Singapore

    The Singapore General Hospital, SGH Museum

    The Singapore General Hospital is a long and enduring institution with a legacy that dates back to colonial times. National pride in this hospital and its history is reflected in the Singapore General Hospital Museum, which is a designated member of the Singapore National Heritage Board. Housed in the beautiful Bower Block in one of […] More

  • Royal Selangor Pewter Museum Singapore

    Who would have imagined that there would be a museum devoted to items of pewter? In the case of pewter, however, the cause is more than justified: the Royal Selangor Pewter Museum displays the finest pewter objects Southeast Asia is renowned for. Along with a display of different kinds of pewters, the museum also has […] More

  • Republic of Singapore Navy Museum

    Another commemoration of military might worth seeing is the Republic of Singapore Navy Museum. First opened in 1987 and recently re-opened last year after renovations, the museum displays the history of Singapore’s naval forces as well as its development. Among the items exhibit include historic relics, such as photographs and antique marine equipment. Given that […] More

  • Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum

    Little boasts of a nation’s might more than the extensive power of its aviation, and Singapore’s official Air Force Museum has been created in light of this. A must-see for aviation enthusiasts, the museum showcases the history of the Republic of Singapore Air Force through its warplanes, badges, caps, and other memorabilia all the way […] More

  • Singapore Red Dot Design Museum

    Singapore has indeed been one of the wonders of the East Asian economic phenomena.  This boom has made it an ideal second host to the Red Dot Design Museum, which exhibits the winners of the Red Dot Design Award.  This award is one of the most prestigious and sought-after design awards in the world, and […] More

  • The Peranakan Museum Singapore

    Always present in the do-not-miss lists of places to visit in Singapore, the Peranakan Museum showcases one of the most historically unique cultures of Singapore and among the best museums in Singapore.  This is the culture of Peranakans, descendants of 18th-century Chinese immigrants to the region which is now constituted by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.  […] More

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