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  • Que Pasa Amigo Bar

    Que Pasa means “what’s happening?” With all the buzz and fuss along Orchard Road, there is nothing more relaxing than to hang out with friends and know what’s happening with each other; and there is no other place perfect for this than Que Pasa, just as what the phrase stands for. The bar is set […] More

  • Wine Extravaganza @ LES AMIS

    Consistently receiving the Grand Award by the Wine Spectator Magazine, Les Amis Wine Bar is definitely the cream of the crop among the fine dining restaurants in Singapore. The complete set-up of Les Amis defines elegance and class. The interior walls, warm light coming from the chandeliers, fully carpeted, antique tables and chairs, silverwares and […] More

  • GO MUDDY @ Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub

    You can always expect a lot of merry making and lively crowd in any Irish pub. Luckily, you need not to go far and go to Ireland anymore to experience all that fun, because located right at the center of Singapore’s entertainment zone at Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade is Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub. It’s so […] More

  • Alley Bar: No Ordinary Alley!

    You’re in for a big surprise! One of Singapore’s best bars is indeed found in a narrow alley. If you are looking for a cozy ambiance to chill out and relax after a long day, there’s no place better than Alley Bar.  This hotspot is a usual rendezvous of locals and youngsters. Patrons take pleasure […] More

  • BarCelona in Singapore

    Robertson Walk recreates a different experience of shopping, dining and entertainment with the beautiful fountain in the mid of this courtyard, BarCelona Wine Bar find its perfect home. Conveying a Mediterranean style from inside and out, BarCelona is a favorite hang out place of local and foreign executives in the said town center. The exceptional […] More

  • Anyone for an Ice Cold Beer?

    Every pub can serve beer, but Ice Cold Beer definitely stands out.  Ice Cold Beer, or more commonly known as ICB, not only serve beer, they serve beers to its perfection.  Located at a 1910 shop house, the bar’s set up will give you the feel of being inside a European bar. Plastered on the […] More