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  • Things to do at Christmas in Singapore

    Things to Do at Christmas in Singapore – Your Ultimate Guide

    Christmas is the most awaited eve of the year all over the world. If, this year, you are planning to celebrate Christmas in Singapore, then hopefully our guide will assist you in making the most of your time and money in the Christmas celebration. Read on to find out about best places serving Christmas dinner […] More

  • Scrumptious Christmas Food in Singapore

    Best Places for Scrumptious Food this Christmas in Singapore

    There is no need to spend your whole day in the kitchen on this Christmas in Singapore and prepare food for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. Don’t spoil the eve with a hectic work schedule in the kitchen, instead enjoy and make the most of it with your family and friends. Eat out, as there […] More

  • Eiffel tower replica of Xmas tree outside Centerpoint Shopping Center

    Christmas Tree all over Singapore to Celebrate 2014 Xmas

    Christmas trees are a big part of Christmas festive celebration and in a metropolitan city like Singapore it is not a common sight to see giant Christmas trees scattered all over the city. They not only attract shoppers, but also present a pleasant sight and something for your camera to catch. You will be surprised […] More

  • Where to by Christmas Tree in Singapore

    Where to Buy Christmas Tree in Singapore

    A Christmas tree is an essential part of Christmas decorations and where to buy Christmas tree in Singapore can be a quest for someone as it is not as easy as buying a shampoo from the market. You have to be sure of the height and width of the Christmas tree which can fit in […] More

  • Christmas Gift Ideas Singapore

    Christmas Gift Ideas Singapore – 5 Gifts to Buy this Xmas

    Christmas is round the corner and one of the many things people do at Christmas is to buy present and gifts for their loved ones. With the place like Singapore which is known for plethora of shopping malls, and a lot of options to choose from, it might not be an easy task to choose […] More

  • Artificial Xmas Tree in Singapore

    Best places to buy an Artificial Christmas Tree in Singapore

    We have published an updated post regarding where to buy Christmas tree in Singapore for Christmas. Where to buy an artificial Christmas tree in Singapore might be a million dollar question, especially when Christmas is around the corner. Artificial trees are always ideal to maintain. Although artificial Christmas trees are expensive but you get a […] More

  • Xmas Tree Singapore

    Where to Buy Live Christmas Tree in Singapore

    Christmas has become the most important event in Singapore and this is why; the question that ‘where to buy Christmas tree in Singapore’ is no more a mystery. The best thing about Singaporean markets is that they are divided according to categories. Christmas tree markets are also divided into two categories; markets for live Christmas […] More