Singapore Sling, Kopi-O Coffee & Teh Tarik among the top 10 must-try drinks in Singapore

Do you know that Singapore Sling, Kopi-O Coffee & Teh Tarik among the top 10 must-try drinks in Singapore? Trip to Singapore does not end until you have tried some of its scrumptious cuisines and drinks. Singaporean cuisine is quite famous but only few are aware of the drinking culture of Singapore. Singaporeans are fond of exotic tastes in drinks and as a tourist; one should not miss the opportunity of adoring these fervors.

Although, the imposition of taxes on drinks and alcoholic beverages is quite high, however; even the locals never miss a chance to have a drink or two whenever they get one. But you can save a lot if you go for traditional and local drinks rather than high priced alcoholic ones.

The local drinks are easily available in thousand of hawker centers found in Singapore. The average price of a drink in hawker center is less then 3 dollars and some of them are open for 24 hours.

Top 10 must-try Drinks in Singapore

Here is a look at some of the non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks that you must try when you are on a trip to Singapore.

1. Kopi-O / Coffee

Kopi O Coffee Singapore

Kopi-O coffee this is the traditional black coffee with sugar that you may get at every local coffee shop or coffee stalls. Usually it is best taken with breakfast because its strong flavor keeps you active for hours. Therefore; it is suggested that you should not take it before going to bed. You may also find many other coffee chains that will serve you Kopi-O coffee and other varieties of coffee.

2. Teh Tarik / Tea

teh tarik tea singapore

Tea sounds very ordinary, but when in Singapore don’t forget to try “Indian Teh Tarik”. If you are not a fan of sweet, then you may find this tea extremely sweet because of the large amount of condensed milk used in its preparation. Also it may be quite fascinating to watch the tea hawkers preparing this tea because to froth it up, it is poured from one pot to another from a great arms length. Ginger Tea is also liked by the locals here and is known as “Ta Halia Tarik”. Do not miss out on these teas because you will not find these anywhere else other than Singapore.

3. Singapore Sling

singapore sling

No matter in what weather you visit Singapore, the tropical treat known as Singapore Sling is a must-try. This is a cocktail, first invented by the famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore, but soon its popularity reached all over the South-East Asia. Slightly alcoholic, this cocktail is prepared using Gin, Benedictine, Cherry Heering and Pineapple juice. It is available all over Singapore in any bar you visit. However; its origin i.e. Raffles Hotel is the ideal place to try it.

4. Milo Dinosaur

milo dinosaur singapore

This drink is a malt drink mainly aimed at kids but even adults enjoy this while being in Singapore. A cold glass of Milo Dinosaur will keep your kids engaged while you will be doing your shopping in one of the busiest shopping centers of the world. This drink is made by dissolving some Milo in cold milk and then topping it with powdered Milo also. Sometimes ice cream is used for the topping that makes it even richer and changes its name to Milo Godzilla. This drink was an invention of Singaporeans and has now become a famous drink all over the Asia.

5. Bandung

bandung in singapore

Another popular drink to try on Singaporean streets is Bandung. This is a pink colored drink. The color mainly comes from the infusion of rose syrup into the milk. This drink is popular in Malaysia as well and it is often served in wedding ceremonies there along with other cuisines.

6. Bubble Tea

bubble tea in singapore

Call it tea or call it a drink, this one serves both purposes. Bubble Tea is a slushy drink and it is made by adding crushed fruit pieces into the tea and then adding tapioca balls in it because of which it gained its name “Bubble Tea”. This refreshing drink is easily available on streets and can be enjoyed even in summer afternoons.


7. Tiger Beer

tiger beer singapore

If you are a fan of alcoholic drinks then you must not miss the Tiger Beer. This is Singapore’s locally brewed beer which is now sold in almost 60 countries all over the world. But it would be unfair if you don’t try it in its home country. You can get tiger beer on shops in canned form, bottle and also in bars.

8. Sugarcane Juice

sugarcane juice in singapore

Sugarcane juice is available almost everywhere, but if you are in Singapore, you get to try one of the vibrant green sugarcane juices here. At first you will think that they have added something to make it this green, but when you will actually see them juicing the sugarcanes, you will perceive the rich nutrition you are going to consume in a few seconds. The taste is also very different from sugarcane juices around the world. Singaporean weather is ideal for sugarcane growth and sugarcane juice assures heaven in mouth.

9. Chin Chow Drink

This is cooling drink prepared from Grass Jelly also known as Chin Chow. First look at the Chin Chow will not make you want to have it, but when it is mixed with sugar syrup and water to make a refreshing drink, it tastes exotic! You can have it on a very hot summer day and it will guard you against sunstrokes and heat. You can enjoy this drink at local vendors or you can also make it yourself by buying a packet of Chin Chow available in markets.

10. Barley Water

barley water in singapore

When shopping in Singapore on a hot summer day, you may feel drained and this is when you can enjoy Singapore’s traditional Barley Water. Prepared with boiling pearl barley and rock sugar, this is a famous drink in Singapore. However the texture is quite slimy and won’t be welcomed by everyone. The taste is indeed very refreshing and soothing. You can get this drink at hawkers centre and at coffee shops.

The aforementioned drinks confirm specialty in Singapore only as all of them either share Singaporean origin or offer astounding fervors, which are not available anywhere else in the world. Fresh fruit juices are also very common in the country however; you must get information about fruits which are grown nowhere else than Singapore.


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