10 Unique Birds in Jurong Bird Park you don’t want to miss

Being the Asia largest bird park, Jurong Bird Park is a whole planet of colorful and friendly birds, who love to play on your shoulders and be fed on your hands. With more than 5000 birds coming from 400 species, the park is full of exclusive birds which you wouldn’t have even heard of. Here are some of the unknown species ready to adore your presence in their surroundings!

1-      Pelicans

Pelican Bird Jurong Bird Park

Thousands housed in the amazingly ornamented Pelican Cove, the extraordinary beautiful species of Australian Pelicans, Great White Pelicans and Brown Pelicans welcome the tourists with all hail. Their pink beaks and astounding flights captivate every eye.

2-      Sun Conure

Sun Conure Bird Jurong Bird Park

When nature paints, every other thing fades. Sun Conures or Sun Parakeets in the Jurong Bird Park are a true depiction. It is said that when tourists meet these golden yellow, lemon green and orange colored birds, and feed them with their love, they forget their sorrows and tensions.

3-      Crowned Pigeon

Crowned Pigeon Jurong Bird Park

The prince of Victorian lands; the Crowned Pigeon awaits the visitors. They are considered the strongest attraction for love birds as the male pigeon coos and bows in the honor of female pigeon before expressing the love, which is quite similar to the human love proposal.

4-      Night Heron

Night Heron Jurong Bird Park

The extinct species of Night Herons are now preserved in special bird parks such as the Jurong Bird Park. Settled in the park as colonies, the white and gray colored Night Herons are one of the most unknown species in the park.

5-      Lesser Bird-of-Paradise

Lesser Bird of Paradise

Carrying the blessings of paradise in its brown, white and yellow long feathers, the Lesser Bird-of-Paradise is on the red list of IUCN Threatened species. Sitting on the stem, it displays a scene from some romantic movie.

6-      Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

The bird truly contains all colors of rainbow. You will also get a chance to walk over a wooden bridge and feed the Rainbow Lorikeets sitting on your shoulders and palms.

7-      Emu

Emu Bird Jurong Bird Park

The second largest extinct bird by weight after Ostrich is Emu. You will always find them awake waiting for you as the bird sleeps in breaks.

8–      Viduidae

Viduidae Whydah

Ever seen a bird whose tail is three times longer than its body length? There they are; Whydah and indigo-birds, which also share a family ‘Viduidae’. Male Whydahs imitate the host’s songs so don’t forget to sing your favorite song in front of them!

9-      Toco Toucan

toco toucan

Mostly found in the American zoos, Toco Toucan is a basic part of cartoons and children comics. With its beautiful big beak, the bird colors your love for nature with amazing combinations like black and orange, and blue and yellow etc.

10-   Turaco


If they were human, they would have been the most innocent faces on this planet. Turaco is beautifully painted in one color or contrasts of two or more colors. Its graceful walks and thick feathers make them a symbol of Royalty in African history.

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