Best 10 things to do in Sentosa Singapore

things to do in sentosaOften referred to as “Asia’s favorite playground”, Sentosa Island is situated just 15 minutes away from the city center. It is a resort island with are endless activities to indulge your every interest. It has beautiful beaches, world-class attractions, sea sports and much more. It is a must visit destination for tourists around the world and our 10 things to do in Sentosa Singapore guide below will enhance your experience for sure.

Best 10 things to do in Sentosa

Sentosa offer a lot of attractions to the tourist visiting Singapore. There are literally tons of things to do in Sentosa and you will find a day or two is not enough to visit these happening places in Singapore. Here are the best 10 things to do in Sentosa:

1. Universal Studios Singapore

 Universal Studios Singapore

This is the first and only Universal Studio theme park in South East Asia and second in Asia after Japan. It consists of 24 movies- themed rides in seven unique themed zones. Each zone features distinctive architecture, landscaping, and entertainment offerings. Universal Studios not only offers one-of-a-kind rides for guests to enjoy, but also peaceful gardens, retail and dining establishments etc. Madagascar, Shrek 4d Adventure, Revenge of the Mummy and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure are a few of the most popular and state of the art rides available here. However since there are height restrictions across majority of the rides, kids below 4 years are allowed free entry into the park. A one day pass for an adult costs S$74 while a child one day pass costs S$54.

A visit to Universal Studios Singapore should be top on your list of things to do in Sentosa. More information can be found here.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

2. Songs of the sea

Songs of the sea
Image credit: Alfred C.Park.

Songs of the sea is an award-winning waterworks display which will leave you spellbound. It uses pyrotechnics, computer effects and thrilling flames to conquer the senses. It has been very nicely choreographed. The use of fireworks and automated fountains with animations on it makes this a must watch when you are in Sentosa.

If you want to mesmerise your loved ones then Songs of the sea should be in your list of things to do in Sentosa.

Address: Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099538

3. Tiger Sky tower

Image credit Cho yut shing

This is the highest viewing point in Singapore. Here visitors can enjoy the thrill of elevating to a height of 131 meters above sea level and enjoy the breathtaking views of Singapore. The sky tower is a slowly revolving observatory deck that gives you 360 degree panoramic views. It revolves around so you can sit anywhere and not miss out on any site.

4. Palawan beach

Palawan beach singapore
Image credit: Symphonex

Sentosa’s coastline is marked by three beaches, Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach.Palawan beach is the nicest and cleanest beach in the Sentosa Island area. This is not a natural beach, it was made by reclamation. The suspension bridge that brings you to the ‘Southernmost Point of Continental Asia’ provides great views of the surrounding areas.

5. Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso
Image credit :Charlie Kwan

Fort Siloso is a museum that provides you a brilliant insight into the British colony of Singapore during World War Two. It is the actual site of the original army barracks and artillery emplacements. There are many statues and ancient cannons with underground bunkers which were built at wartime relics. It is highly informative especially for history lovers. The museum guides take you from the entrance by tram and explain the general layout as you climb the hill to the highest battery.

6. Sentosa 4D Magix

Sentosa 4D Magix
Image credit: Phill

Sentosa 4D Magix is the first 4D theatre in South-East Asia. It is an interactive, exciting and exhilarating movie experience with 4-dimensional digital effects, where it allows you to feel, shake, and laugh out aloud. Other prominent attractions at the Sentosa 4D Magix include the Desperado’s, a 3D shoot-out game and the Extreme Log Ride.

7. MegaZip Adventure Park

MegaZip Adventure Park
Image credit 24seven communication

MegaZip adventure park is no doubt one of the top attraction in Sentosa if you are an adrenaline junkee. It features activities mentioned below:

Flying Fox: It is about 450 metres long and takes you to 72 metres above the sea level. It takes you above the jungle canopy and the famous Siloso Beach.

ClimbMax: This is an aerial course amidst the treetops. Here you will have to overcome hurdles while crossing wobbly bridges, swaying tightropes and cargo nets high in the sky.

ParaJump: This is a thrilling simulated parachute landing, enabling you to step off a platform into thin air and land gently on the ground 15 metres below. This ride was developed in the UK.

MegaBounce: As the name suggests, this is a trampoline. It is secured fastly with elastic ropes, attached to which you can jump to heights of 20 feet and descend safely again and again.

You need to try out the rides at your own pace, according to your fitness level.

8. S.E.A Aquarium

Marina Life Park Singapore
Image credit: Choo Yut Shing

This is often called the world’s largest aquarium. As you enter S.E.A. Aquarium, you will be transported to an exquisite journey into the magical marine world. It houses more than 800 species of marine animals, including rays, Goliath grouper, Napoleon wrasse, over 200 sharks, and other giants of the sea. You can also undertake a rocky crevice or tour an underwater reef community.

9. Sentosa Skyline Luge

Skyline luge
Image credit skyline luge

Another different but interesting activity at the Sentosa is the Sentosa Skyline Luge. This is a go cart cum toboggan ride. The Luge offers an outdoor experience that is not found elsewhere in Singapore or South-East Asia. This ride is appropriate for all ages. It gives you full control to, navigate down the Jungle Trail or Dragon Trail and experience thrill fast or slow, however you please. Next you can enjoy theSkyride, where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city, harbour and skyline. 1 Luge and 1 sky ride for an adult costs S$13 / Person

10. Port of Lost Wonder

Port of Lost Wonder singapore
Image credit: Choo Yut shing

This is another first in the list of Singapore’s numerous activities.It is Singapore’s first kids club near the beach. The whole family can spend time here together in its various attractions including a signature water play area, islets for picnics and leisure, retail and dining experiences for all ages.

a) Port Belly: Delicious and fun selection of meals for the entire family are available here.
b) Just Wonder: Wide variety of retail shops with a huge range of merchandise for shopaholics.
c) Pots & Planks: Offers seasonal workshops and a diverse range of activities.
d) Bubble Party: This is held on weekends only. Here families come together to discover new experiences.

Sentosa Island, undoubtedly, is a major tourist attraction and a hub of entertainment for the whole family.

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