10 things to do in Singapore with Kids this Summer

Things to do in Singapore this summer with KidsEven though Singapore is incredibly famous for attractions such as the Marina Bay Sands, romantic getaway spots and luxurious locations perfect for the business world, don’t for a second think that it is not an excellent place for kids as well. In fact, many of Singapore’s most famous activities were built especially for the enjoyment of the youngest ones and have a lot to offer. Should you decide to dive into the magical megapolis that is Singapore along with your child, you will surely not regret it.

Your youngster will be over the moon with the myriad of activities ranging from theme parks and unforgettable water rides, to awe-inspiring nature outings. What’s more, almost all children’s activities in Singapore are adult-friendly as well – you will not only gift your little one an amazing time, but will also be able to relax and enjoy the activities yourself. The only challenging part is that it might be a bit difficult to pick the best attractions for kids in Singapore out of all the options.

Summer activities with Kids in Singapore

We have designed the following guide to help you make the most out of your summer family vacation in Singapore. Read on to find out what are the 10 best things to do in Singapore with children this summer.

10. Meet some crazy inventors at the Science Center

Science Center Singapore
Courtesy of 10bestmedia

Young fun lovers (and not so young ones as well) can inspire their creative side and learn while having fun in the Singapore Science Center. You and your children can learn all the quirky facts and crazy science experiments that led to the way we live today. You can also teach your kids about the importance of preserving nature, by taking them to the Ecogarden and Marine Alcove. The super fun learning activities are also connected to the human body, ice, fire, the Solar System and many more!

9. Make friends with some animals and splash around in Rainforest KidzWorld (Singapore Zoo)

Singapore Zoo
Image Credit : Choo Yut Shing

The Singapore Zoo not only houses hundreds of fascinating animal species in natural habitats, but it also has areas specially dedicated to kids. There are water slides and attractions for children of all ages, where you can either join in the fun or sunbathe from the sidelines while your young one splashes around. Children can also spend time with farmyard animals and have a rainforest challenge – both activities are endless fun and educational.

If what you would like to do is have some laughs, you can enjoy a show with customarily pet animals doing amazing tricks. If that’s not enough for you and your little one, the Singapore Zoo has one more trick up its sleeve and it is perhaps the most impressive one – you can have breakfast with orangutans! The gentle and fun-loving creatures will steal your heart away and will inspire your child to learn about nature.

8. Have a day of fun and discovery at Birdz of Play (Jurong Bird Park)

Jurong Bird Park
Image credit: Cho Yut shing

Jurong Bird Park is certainly one of the most colorful and awe-inspiring bird habitats you will ever visit and, even if your young one is not the biggest bird enthusiast, it will inspire an interest for the loud and vibrant avian world. Apart from discovering a whole lot of entertaining bird activities, your child will also be able to play around the water like a real flamingo.

Birdz of Play offers something for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. There is also a dry play area, where kids can soar just like birds, on the Flying Fox. All the wild fun is strictly supervised, so you can enjoy a tour of the Snack, Shop & Relax without worrying that your young one might get in trouble. A great place to learn and feel like a joyous little bird.

Read more about birds in Jurong Bird Park in this infographic.

7. Meet the rays at Adventure Cove Water Park

Adventure Cove WaterPark Sentosa

The Adventure Cove Park in Sentosa is a great place for family fun as there is just so much to do. The rides vary in length and steepness, so there are some very suitable for younger children and some great ones even for adults. You can enjoy Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster, chill out in the pool or journey down Adventure River. If your kids prefer experiences centered on animals, they will surely love this water park, as it offers the opportunity to snorkel around thousands of playful fished and meet the rays up close and personal – your children can even caress them without you worrying as they are very tame creatures, used to human contact.

6. Have a water party for all ages at Wild Wild Wet Water Park

Courtesy of sweetmemoirs

The Wild Wild Wet Water Park, located only 10 minutes away from Changi Airport is a great place for a bit of cooling down and great fun. An added bonus is that it is also budget-friendly. Even though there are no animals to meet here, the many amazing rides more than make up for that. Both you and your children can enjoy slides, pools and all kinds of great splashes. Your kids can also have collective fun with friends on rides such as the Ular-Lah, where all of them get into one rubber boat, and the older ones can try have an exhilarating experience on the Torpedo.

There is also plenty of food to choose from and you can always relax by the poolside, knowing that the lifeguards are keeping a watchful eye on your kids.

5. Have an interactive experience at Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay

Image credit: Choo Yut shing

The Gardens by the Bay, being one of Singapore’s most famous attractions, is not only stunningly beautiful, but also offer a lot of child-friendly fun. The kids zone is suitable for ages 1-12 and features both water fun and a dry zone. What’s unusual about the water area is that it is enhanced with sensors that detect movement and make playing a really special and unforgettable activity. The dry land playground is especially designed for learning through fun as stimulates children’s cognitive and physical abilities.

There are also some fascinating tree houses that will make your kids feel as though they have been transported to the pages of a fairytale storybook. Read more about Gardens by the Bay here.

4. Get in touch with the fun side of nature at Jacob Ballas Children’s Gardens (Singapore Botanic Gardens)

Courtesy of kidsgardening

The Jacob Ballas Children’s Gardens in the Botanical Garden Singapore is certainly one very special place for every children. If you are an adult, you should know that you cannot enter this haven of fun unless you are accompanied by your kids – this is a place where children rule, just like in the famous world of Peter Pan. Children can enjoy the Sand Pit, find their way through the green Maze, and make their way up to the Tree House and slide back to you on the amazing red slide, feels like Indiana Jones on the Swinging Suspension Bridge and many more.

3. Have fun at Singapore’s water source in Marina Barrage Water Playground

marina bridgesign
Courtesy of asiaisgreen

The Marina Barrage was built over the mouth of the Marina Channel in order to create Singapore’s 15th reservoir, though it is the first one in the heart of the city. This will give you the opportunity to educate your children on some facts they won’t learn at school, complete with the fun-filled water playground in Marina Barrage Water Playground.

Not only does it offer amazing view of Singapore’s skyline, but this attraction is also an unforgettable place for children as they can freely splash around the shallow water and play with the little fountains. You can either relax or join in the fun!

2. Have some Polar excitement at the Snow City

The snow city
Courtesy of asiahotels

The Snow City is certainly one of the most unusual attractions in Singapore. Not only will your children enjoy Snow City tremendously, but you will also be able to bring out the kid in yourself. Escape the scorching heat and go wild in the snow. You can simply play around, make a snowman or enjoy the amazing Dino Ice exhibition. Your children can also learn some super interesting ice-facts on the Snow Show, where they can experience a snow blizzard and meet a Martian. A wonderful and very unique place for everyone to enjoy – from the youngest to the oldest in the family.

1. Become a Pirate at the Port of Lost Wonder (Sentosa Island)

Port of Lost Wonder singapore
Image credit: Choo Yut shing

The Port of Lost Wonder is by far one of Sentosa’s best attractions for children and one of Singapore’s most entertaining venues. It was built in commemoration of Sentosa’s 40th anniversary. This is not a regular water park – it offers all the fun your children have ever dreamed of.

The Pirate Ship is one of the park’s main highlights, with its impressive design, small pool and water slides. If you want to inspire love for nature in your kids, you can take them to the mini garden where they can plant a seedling and grow their own potter plant. There is also a foam pool party and the kids will have so much fun that they will never want to leave! Just watch out because they might try to turn the bathtub at home into their own fun foam party.

Singapore offers all kinds of amazingly fun activities for children whether you want them to learn and have fun or just play freely. Now that you know what the best spots are, all you need to do is grab a backpack and head over to the world of happiness that the island provides.

If you want to recommend a attraction or share your experience then please do so by adding comments below. If you’re traveling to Malaysia with kids, below are recommended readings:

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