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  • cenotaph war memorial singapore

    Singapore War Memorials: In the Memory of Fearless Warriors

    Apart from business cum transit passengers, most of the travelers now plan and prefer to come to Singapore for places with utmost luxury, shopping, business meetings and endless fun. Only few People know the fact that Singapore has some War Memorials as well. Brief War History In old times when Singaporeans & Malays were living […] More

  • Malay Heritage Centre

    Malay Heritage Centre Singapore

    Malay Heritage Centre is an initiative of the government of Singapore, who believe that each and every ethnic community in Singapore is entitled to have their own heritage centre. This is a collaboration of all the treasures, cultures and traditions of different ethnic groups compiled into one hall. We cannot deny the fact that Singapore […] More

  • Chinese Heritage Centre Singapore

    Further your exploration of Singapore’s unique multi-ethnic diversity with a tour of the Chinese Heritage Centre. With a historic and cultural insight into various overseas Chinese communities around the world, the CHC was founded in 1995 with the purpose of raising awareness of and celebrating what it means to be Chinese. Ode to a Legacy […] More

  • Civil Deference Heritage Gallery

    Civil Defence Heritage Gallery

    Civil Defence Heritage Gallery is a symbol of pride the state has in its civil defence system. The gallery outlines Singapore’s fire fighting as well as civil defence developments from the late 1800’s until contemporary times, and aspires to raise public awareness about civil defence. Civil Defence Heritage Gallery Highlights You will be impressed by […] More

  • Explore Changi Chapel & Museum in Changi Singapore

    This chapel and museum commemorate the lives lost by the soldiers living under the Japanese occupation (1942-45).  During this time, several thousand prisoners were sent to the railway site to work in brutal conditions.  The chapel is a replica of the several chapels made during the Japanese occupation by Allied Prisoners.  The particular original chapel […] More

  • Army Museum of Singapore | Capturing Singapore Army and Its Heritage

    Highlights  Safeguarding the tradition and inheritance of the Singapore Army, likewise, recognizing the ultimate involvement of their armed forces, this collection of anthology compiled in an edifice, is truly a milestone in the country of Singapore. It aims to incarcerate and bring the stories of ordinary people with extraordinary experiences back in to life. This […] More

  • Chinatown Heritage Center | Reminisce and Revive The Old Times

    With the merging venture of the Singapore Tourism Board and the National Heritage Board arise the capsule of time history teeming rich with inheritance of Chinese culture. This hall is a compilation of different kinds of Chinese ways of life specially encased in a cubicle that makes the early Chinese living come to life. It […] More

  • Images of Singapore | Serves as a Mirror to this Rich Country

    Images of Singapore is a prized historical gallery that showcases the customs and history of Singapore with the use of interactive multimedia displays, and theatrical presentations with life-sized montages touching significant event in the history of Singapore. The Images of Singapore museum is situated in Imbiah lookout, Sentosa, Singapore. This is just adjacent to the […] More

  • CHIJMES Singapore

    CHIJMES Singapore | Taste the Enchantment!

    Fast Facts about CHIJMES: Chijmes Singapore was first established in 1854. Based on the Father Nicholas Barre’s order of the Holy Infant Jesus. Gazetted as a national monument on October 26, 1990. Converted into a trendy restaurant complex in 1996. Situated on a four-acre site in the heart of the Civic and Cultural District. Totals […] More

  • The Battle Box

    This underground bunker, located below Fort Canning, was the original site of the British Malaya Command Headquarters during World War II. It is most historically significant for its role in the Japanese invasion, for it was inside the Battle Box that the upper echelon of the Singapore military decided to surrender to the invading Japanese […] More

  • Reflections at Bukit Chandu

    If you’re taking a walk through the Southern Ridges, you should spend an hour at Reflections at Bukit Chandu. So much more than a war memorial, this self-titled interpretive centre commemorates the February 1942 Battle of Bukit Chandu, one of the fiercest World War II conflicts fought in Singapore. For two days, 1,400 Malay Regiment […] More

  • Kranji War Memorial

    During World War II, 24,000 soldiers from half a dozen countries perished while defending Singapore during the Japanese invasion. Though their bodies were never found, their names are inscribed on the columns of the Kranji War Memorial in northern Singapore. The Kranji War Memorial commemorates the allied servicemen who lost their lives during the Battle […] More

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