The Flying Trapeze Paves Wondrous Routes in Sky in Sentosa

Fun never ends in Sentosa! No matter which route you take, that road will take you towards more fun and excitement. If you think you have seen enough of Sentosa and preparing to bid farewell, then wait and read about the Flying Trapeze. Take part or just view it from the ground, this flying act is bound to entertain you. Though it gets over pretty quickly but is really fun to try.

The Flying Trapeze in action in Sentosa
The Flying Trapeze in action in Sentosa


The Flying Trapeze is a good way to conquer your height phobia

If you were afraid of heights then it is the time to give your phobia some rest and get immersed in this excellent recreation. Before you are tied to a harness, you are given some training that will help you to fly better in mid-air. So no worries if you are not an expert trapeze. Everyone becomes an expert at Sentosa!

Watch Trapeze Artists Perform

If you are too tired to try this activity, then just watch the experts do some really breathtaking acts that will help you in case you change your mind about trying the trapeze yourself. Knee-hangs, mid-air splits and many other forms of trapeze acts are performed by the artists that earn a great round of applause from the spectators around.

Better Coordination

Besides being an effective way to eradicate one’s fear of heights, you can also use it as a means for improving their coordination, strength and mind concentration. When soaring high up in the air, you will learn just when to show off your transition and that will boost up your confidence as well.

Enjoy Some Mouth-Watering Delicacies

Just next to the station of Flying Trapeze, you will find Trapizza; an Italian style restaurant. Wondering from where they got the name? Most probably they got inspired from the Flying Trapeze next to them. This place serves some great lunch and dinner meals. Especially at dinner time you can enjoy the outdoor setting under the sky that will make your day at Sentosa more memorable.


  1. What can be more special than leaving your height phobia behind and enjoying this exciting activity with all your heart?
  2. This kind of recreational activity is only available on Sentosa Island and nowhere else in Singapore.
  3. An amazing view of Siloso beach is in sight when you soar up high into the sky.
  4. You can earn some discount on more than one swing.

Useful Tips

  1. Because this activity requires some kinds of somersaults and other transitions, so it is not a good idea to let go of pregnant women and elderly people on this.
  2. Though the safety assurance team here makes sure of your safety, but you also make sure that a harness is pretty tight around you.
  3. When the weather is not appropriate, please avoid going on the trapeze.

The Flying Trapeze timings & address

The Flying Trepeze station is open from Monday to Friday at 2:30 PM till 6:30 PM and on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays you can visit it at 2:30 PM till 7:00 PM.

Address: Find us at Siloso Beach, 10 Siloso Walk, Sentosa, Singapore.

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