Singapore HIPPO Tours: Sightseeing in Every Way Possible

Singapore HIPPO Tour: Sightseeing
Singapore HIPPO Tour: Sightseeing

If you can’t decide between seeing Singapore through its riverside or seeing it by land, there’s an option that includes both of them: Singapore HIPPO tours.

Since 2001, the DUCK & HIPPO group has been offering tours on their HIPPORiver Cruise as well as on the Singapore Sightseeing Bus –an open-top two-story bus offering a 360 degree panoramic view- with its two routes: Heritage Sightseeing and City Sightseeing. The first one takes you along all the historic places you need to see to get the feel of Singapore’s ancient culture and its colonial heritage. Travel to the past and nourish your historical knowledge with the well-informed live comments of the HIPtainer aboard. The second one takes you along the hotel area, visiting the major malls and attractions, showing you the modern city that vibrates under Singapore’s skyscrapers.

The HIPPO River Cruise is a fun sightseeing experience throughout the city’s riverbank, aboard a craft with a topless viewing platform in which tourists have freedom to move, stand up and take pictures. It visits Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Raffles Landing Site, Victoria Theatre & Memorial Hall and the Esplanade. There is also a special route to the Singapore Flyer and a Taxi Route that goes to Robertson Quay on demand. The standard tour takes 30 min and is narrated live by the craft’s very own HIPtainer. This feature is only offered by HIPPO tours and it gives the tourist a more interactive learning experience.

Ever wish you could take all the time you wanted to visit the attraction sites at your own pace? The hop-on-hop-off system, that HIPPO tours has available for its customers, makes it possible. Just purchase the Full Day pass, and every 25 minutes a bus goes by their 33 stops in which you can board. Every 30 minutes you can catch a HIPPO River Cruise on any of the quays and ‘ports of call’. And if you acquire the tickets that include both the River Cruise and the Bus experience, you can alternate according to your mood and desires. So go ahead, take your time; get off and on wherever you want to. Have lunch at any of the restaurants from the wide variety of cuisine options at the Quays or in the city. Go shopping. Take pictures. Revisit places the next day if you so wish. Visit the river in broad daylight and then go again at night, to experience the change of ambience and the vivid nightlife it presents. Freedom to go and do as you wishes (at least for the day).

Make sure you have cash to pay for the tickets if you intend to purchase them on board. If you prefer to buy them at any land location, you may do so with other payment types.

The Full Day pass expires at the same time you purchased it, the next day. Currently, it includes a second day for free, and a Moonlight City Night Tour free of charge. Just imagine, participating in Singapore’s vibrant night scene from 6.30 to 9.30pm, and departing from the comfort of the hotel area (Suntec).

In conclusion, if you want to experience the most of Singapore at a package price, HIPPO tours is a great option, and you will leave knowing that you didn’t miss any of the attractions and the must-sees that this culture-rich city has to offer. Enjoy!

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