Segway Sentosa Eco Adventure Offers Asia’s First Segway Experience

Segway Sentosa
Segway Sentosa

Nothing can be better than a two wheel ride when you are too exhausted to wander along the beaches of the Sentosa on your feet. Sentosa brings you the very first Segway attraction in Asia. Hop on a Segway Sentosa Personal Transporter (PT) and start exploring. You will find guidance at every step and the trainers will be there to introduce you to the ride if you are a newbie. You are truly going to enjoy the most exhilarating Segway Sentosa PT experience.

Highlights of Segway Sentosa Eco Adventure

Segway Sentosa Eco Adventure comprises of a ground where the newbies are trained for this thrilling ride adventure. Apart from this, the inclined slopes, curves and twists makes this ride a must try for anyone who visits Singapore and is looking out for something invigorating.

If twists and turns of the Segway Fun Ride are unable to quench the thirst for adventure then Segway Sentosa Eco Adventure will surely leave one tempted for more.  A 30 minutes ride on this two-wheeler will make you explore the sandy beaches of Palawan or Siloso. Opt for a 60 mins ride on PT’s that will take you on a trip to all three beaches.

The True Definition of Environment Friendliness!

These features or facts will surely make you try out Gogreen Segway Sentosa Eco Adventure:

  • Situated under the shade of trees, this Gogreen Hub is efficient in reducing heat.
  • Recycled material is used for the development of the 50% of the Hub.
  • All the flooring that will come across during the Segway Sentosa Fun Ride is made up from natural rocks or lava so that there is no need for any detergents for washing the trails.
  • Training grounds for Gogreen Segway Sentosa are not fixed and so they can be removed anytime without disruption in the natural environment.

GoGreen After Dark Segway Tours

Dig out the remains from the past about this island by joining other adventurers on this enchanting yet thrilling After Dark PT tours. This electrifying experience will introduce you to a new Sentosa Island in its very own unique way.

Beach Bar

After enjoying a scary yet exciting After Dark Segway Tour, you can give yourself a treat at one of the Beach bars that serves scrumptious food that will make you lose track of time. Beach bar doesn’t offer just some delectable food but also some great music that will re-invigorate you if you are too exhausted after a long Segway Tour.


  1. If you are a person who dislikes crowd, then Gogreen Segway Sentosa Eco Adventure offers you private tours that you can enjoy on your own.
  2. For children on vacations, this Gogreen Segway can be a good opportunity to introduce them to the importance of recycling and greenery.


  1. You have to be at least 10 years old to try out Gogreen Segway Sentosa Eco Adventure.
  2. Rates of the Eco Adventure Rides vary as per the distance you would like to cover on the PT’s.
  3. Follow the instructions of the trainers or you can injure yourself.
  4. Segway Sentosa is highly recommended for couples.


This fun adventure awaits you from 10:00 AM till 8:00 PM daily.


This adventure spot is located on 50, Beach View, #01-K5, Segway Hub, Beach Station, Sentosa Singapore 098604.

Photo Credit: CYS

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