MaxOut Hydrosports | the Extreme Side of Singapore Tourism

MaxOut Hydrosports | the Extreme Side of Singapore Tourism

Singapore definitely has something for every taste, and if you want to enhance your trip with some extreme water experiences, you can head to MaxOut Hydrosports and enjoy a day of adrenaline on the water.

From wakeboarding to banana boat rides, this company provides tourists with aquatic fun all week long. It started back in 1997, founded by a couple of friends with a passion for wakeboarding, and it has come a long way from then. You could say they’re the pioneers of water sport services in Singapore.

Services take place in peaceful pristine waters in the west end of the island, far away from the crowded spaces other companies usually offer their customers, which is a great pro for this provider. Read on to learn more about what they offer. All prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).


Available for all kinds of expertise, the company provides an experienced instructor for beginners as well as rougher rides for those who already master the technique and feel like “maxing out” the excitement. For beginners, the prices range from $110-$120 the hour, depending if it’s a weekday or the weekend. An extra charge for $40 is added if you request a personal coach. For pro wakeboarders, there’s a more powerful boat that goes out for $140 per hour.

Wake Surfing

You can even go surfing in Singapore! Not the regular kind of surf, though. It’s called “wake surfing” and it’s done behind the boat. The crew at MaxOut Hydrosports will show you how. It’s highly recommended to hire a coach if it’s your first time at it. Once again the prices are $140 per hour and the instructor will run you down another $40.

Banana Boat Rides

The usual, exciting banana boat ride is also offered to tourists by this company. You can choose between a mellow ride to enjoy the scenery, or a thrill-filled, turning-and-tipping   journey to satisfy your need for adrenaline and fun. This splashing experience will cost you $200 the hour.


If engines aren’t your thing, you can rent a kayak and choose to paddle by yourself ($15) or with a buddy ($20). Enjoy the view and have a light workout at the same time.

Yacht Chartering

MaxOut Hydrosports offers two vessels for different ends and budgets. Carpe Diem is a 60’ wooden boat with a custom paint job that makes it very recognizable in Singaporean waters. It has lounge areas with Day Beds in the top and front deck, where passengers can lie back and tan or just stare at the stars, if the ride is at night. It’s fully equipped with stereos, barbecues, kitchen and appliances to make the day trip very comfortable or the party even more entertaining. The prices depend on the amount of hours that the customers hire it for (Half-day, Full-day, Sunset Charter) and how many people are to go on it. They can go anywhere from $1440 to $7200. If you can muster up a group of 12 persons, the company throws in complimentary wakeboard lessons for all. For more info, please visit the website:

The other vessel is named Oriental Dream and it is 40’ long. Apparently it is the only Wooden Junk boat left in Singapore for charting. It is also fully equipped and the prices are very similar to the Carpe Diem’s.  The food and beverages aboard have additional charges. Passengers are free to bring their own snacks and meals without having to pay extra.

The company also entices their customers to go on International Escapades, offering spots not many people know about in Indonesia’s coastline, like private islands. You can purchase “packages” as well, be it the “Full day Fiesta” or the “Evening Dinner Party”.

MaxOut Hydrosports is definitely a great choice if you want to experience Singapore in a different way and are avid for “thrills and spills” on the water. Enjoy!

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