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iFly Singapore: Experience Indoor Skydiving in Singapore

ifly singapore indoor skydiving experience
iFly Singapore gives you best indoor skydiving experience in Singapore.

Jumping from an airplane to experience the thrill of skydiving is not an idea that is welcomed by many people out of fear or health constraints. However; this doesn’t mean that they can never get to experience the rush of skydiving in their lives. Of Course they have a similar and safer option waiting for them right in Singapore. iFly Singapore lets you experience the simulation based indoor skydiving in Singapore that is safer and takes place in a controlled environment. You can now fulfil your wish of indoor skydiving by entering the iFly Singapore terminal at Sentosa. So are you ready to fly at the height of 17.22 meters?

Skydiving for Everyone

Best part of choosing skydiving in iFly Singapore is that there are no age constraints or limits imposed on this activity. From non-experienced to experienced divers, everyone can indulge themselves in this extremely thrilling recreational activity that will leave them stunned for hours to come. Now iFly Singapore also allows student tours, which guide them about the operation of wind tunnels and the safety measures taken, so that they can try it for themselves.

Safety is Ensured

When you jump from the airplane, you are unsure about your safety, but at iFly Singapore your safety is always first for the administration and they take every possible precaution so as to make your skydiving experience more fun and absolutely tension free. Skydiving gear is provided to you then and there by the administration.

Training Makes it Perfect

Before you are allowed to take a flight in the tunnel, you are given extensive training by three internationally certified and trained instructors. They guide you all about the simulated indoor skydiving and also tell you about how you can make the most of this experience by following the proper guidelines. All the trainers have themselves gone under vigorous training so as to ensure the safety of the visitors.

Technology At Its Best

The wind tunnel is large enough for twenty people at a time. This tunnel is made from state-of the-art technology that will ensure high safety level for you. Apart from this you can also try various movements as you would have done while jumping from an airplane. Formation skydiving or a free-flying every movement is welcomed inside. While on training you get to hear the sounds of airplane for a more realistic feel.

Enjoy the View

If you are thinking that you will be taken into a room from where you won’t be able to enjoy any view then you are wrong. The wind tunnel has an eighteen feet tall glass wall that lets you enjoy the view of Siloso Beach while you are flying in the air.


  1. iFly Singapore also allows you to bring your guests and corporate friends from abroad for an event and enjoy the fun of flying with them.

Handy Tips

  1. Those who wish to skydive are requested to come at least 1.5 hours early so that you can be trained and geared up for the big dive.
  2. You must be at least seven years old to try this amazing skydive

iFly Singapore Timings & Address

9:00 AM till 10:00PM on Monday, Tuesday and from Thursday till Sunday.
10:30 AM till 10:00 PM on Wednesday’s

Address: 43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01, Singapore

Photo Credit: Choo Yut Shing

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