G-Max Reverse Bungee Jumping

The hot seat of G-Max Reverse Bungee Jumping at Clark Quay Singapore
The hot seat of G-Max Reverse Bungee Jumping at Clark Quay Singapore

G-Max Reverse Bungee Jumping Experience

G-Max Reverse Bungee Jumping in Clark Quay Singapore is one of the world renowned bungee jumping sites that are located in Singapore. To savour the thrill of the gravitational force of the earth, you should at least try to go on bungee jumping. And there’s no place but to try it out at G-MAX Reverse Bungee Jumping. At this place bungee is launched at approximately 200 km per hour where the strong Gravitational pull of the earth is incorporated at a G-MAX Technology.

You will witness this preview of ultimate adrenalin rush from being harnessed and suspended 60 meters in the air would be an excellent ride to this site. G-Max Reverse Bungee Jumping was introduced and popularized in 2003 and it has become famous for locals and tourists up to this point in time.

The tourists are entitled for a full day filled of activities, and they will never get bored in Singapore. The G-MAX Reverse Bungee Jumping has three-seated kind of capsules. The capsules are attached in two towers by the use of chords.

Safety First

With the use of proper safety measures and nested on a safety environment, the capsule is taken at a height where people will experience the six G-Forces. The safety of the viewers and spectators is well taken care of in G-MAX Reverse Bungee Jumping site. The chords use to have 4000 strands of strong elastic rubber. The chords and the capsules are maintained by the experts.

Each and every personal especially the engineers and the safety technicians have enormous contributions to make the Bungee Site more comfortable and secured for each and every visitors. All the primary safety measures are ensured before going in to the bungee process. Children and adults are taken after proper inspections.

Bungee Jumping in Action
Bungee Jumping in Action

Enjoy the Thrill

Basically, the bungee cords between two-35-meter towers tend to suspend the open air steel capsule that grips two to three people. If you don’t have any concerns with regards to your heart, or if you don’t have any meetings with your cardiologist, G-MAX showcases a safe and thrilling adventure that is filled with fun and contentment.  G-Max is open from 3 PM to 1 AM during weekdays and 12 NN to 3 AM during weekends. Screaming is never an option as this ride allows the capsule , attached with the bungee cords, goes 60 meters up in the sky at its maximum speed of 200 kilometres per hour.

What General Manager has to say?

According to the General Manager of G-Max Bungee Reverse Bungee Jumping by the name of Kobie Rhodes, there are large numbers of visitors and tourists that regularly visits the site and never fail to ride inside the capsule. You can get a T-Shirt and a DVD copy of yourself engaging in this extreme activity. This is automatically taken by the on-board camera if you are willing to shell out a little bit more bucks.  But I am telling you, a moment that is captured by video is definitely worth every penny.

The General Manager never put an age limit for those who tried the daredevil activity. Those who are eligible and fit can ride the capsule. However, customers are evaluated based on their height and weight proportion for possible safety reasons. Truly indeed, the world of Bungee jumping has come alive with the newest trend in Singapore, the reverse bungee.

Where it is located?

The site is situated in Clark Quay which is the entertainment hub of Singapore, The G-MAX Reverse Bungee Jumping is said to be the only activity in Clarke Quay that makes your stomach rumbling and your heart pumping real quick and solid. Thrill seekers will be contented to pay $35 to experience an extreme ride similar to that experienced by astronauts whenever there is a rocket launching.

G-Max Reverse Bungee Jumping also featured in best 10 activities to give you an adrenaline rush in Singapore infographic.

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