Forest Adventure in Singapore


If your life is getting very boring due to your daily routines at work and at home, you should have to take a break, go out into the Sun and try to have some fun. Do you have any idea what is flying fox? Or have you tried walking in a tight rope? Have you ever wonder if you can do repelling? If all your answers are no, this will be a very good opportunity to have a bit of a challenge and meet new friends as well. Try to engage in some athletic activity in Forest Adventure in Singapore.

Forest Adventure is a course basically on the tree top comprising of ladders, bridges, trapeze, nets, swings, and zip lines where participant can have the liberty to do what they want to do unaccompanied. They can move from tree to tree that is approximately 5 meters above the ground level.

The administration is ensuring everyone that all participants are equipped with harnesses and responsible for securing themselves to a safety line at stage. Forest Adventure is said to be fun, recreational team building outdoor activity for friends and loved ones as well as office and group organizations. Forest Adventure utilizes trees as a support and they also provide an extreme but exquisite way to touch and feel the trees and nature in particular.


  • GRAND COURSE – This is an extreme activity that involves adults without any companion.
  • KID’S COURSE – This is for the kids and usually is easier as compared to the Grand course.

Grand Course

The Grand course is basically for elders and juniors. They welcome adults and adults provided that they will pass the minimum height of 1.4 meters. If you age is under 18 years old, you should be accompanied by an adult. However, Young Adult between 18 to 21 years old needs not to be accompanied by anyone. However, they should sign a waiver that is countersigned by their parents as well to participate in the Forest Adventure.

Kid’s Course

The Kid’s course is said to be a great experience for young explorers and adventurers. This not as extreme as the grand course; however, the fun and thrill will not be comparable. The objectives are both delivered.

The minimum height for the Kid’s curse is 1.1 meters in height and not should go over 1.45 meters in height.


The Forest Adventure is open everyday from 10 in the morning up to 6 in the evening. The last departure would be at 4:30 in the after noon. The Administration has made a statement that the kid’s course has restricted opening hours during weekdays to give way to school holidays.

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