Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Bus Ride Experience

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Having a  Singapore to Kuala Lumpur bus ride is a cheap and viable option that avoids all the problems, stress and headaches when traveling.

To know how? Check this out.

Total Bus Ride Time: 05-06 Hours (Depending upon traffic)

Total Bus Ticket Expense: S$20 to S$30 (Economy), $50+ Premium Bus Service            

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Bus Ride Experience

Even if you are not a fan of long distance travel with buses, you should reconsider if you want to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Because travel experience of Singapore to Kuala Lumpur bus ride is such an exceptional experience. Not only it is a very inexpensive alternative to flying but it also allows you to take in the scenery of the route between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. For example, you can easily take a short stop in Muar, and travel from there, and see Kubu Bentayan and Tapak Sejarah Kota Buruk, which are both historical landmarks of the Malacca Sultanate.

However, if you wish to take a direct route between both cities, you might be worried about the quality of the buses, which you do not need to be since every bus that runs from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur has adequate air conditioning and many offer luxurious amenities to make the trip comfortable and stress-free. Nonetheless, some coaches in Singapore, depending on the operator, might have air conditioning that is set to the maximum so it might be wise to keep warm clothes within reach.

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Bus Prices & Facilities

When you travel for five hours between these two cities, you can travel and still be quite comfortable. In addition to air conditioning there are numerous double-decker buses that offer spacious and comfortable seating arrangements that fit travelers and business travelers alike. In fact, some buses offer free Wi-Fi, work-desks and film options including private television screens. So with this in mind, let us take a look at how to obtain tickets, the prices and the different operators within in Singapore.

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Economy vs Premium Bus Service

Credits : Transtar Travel
Credits : Transtar Travel

Singapore to Kuala Lampur bus ticket prices vary and they can be bought for S$25 from cheaper operators, yet you have to take into account that operators offer such prices will offer considerably less amenities than premium companies; furthermore, these buses can take more time en route since they might take different routes and also might make occasional stops along the way. Moreover, premium buses take the Second Link crossing, which has considerably less traffic than the Causeway land-crossing connecting Singapore to Malaysia.

Furthermore, despite which operator you choose, you might always want to factor in traffic delays when scheduling your trip since, as mentioned previously, the trip can take around five hours but there might not only be traffic delays but delays caused due to the processing time at the border between Singapore and Malaysia. It is also wise to factor in holidays when planning your travel since that could add at least a few hours depending on the coach operator you use.

Another factor to consider is that premium bus companies also offer waiting lounges at certain locations. Also, when considering prices it is perhaps more prudent to book your bus ticket directly from the bus company or online, thus avoid paying a commission if you book through a travel agent or through your accommodation.

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Most Popular Bus Services

Below are some of the popular bus services to try if you are planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore via bus.

Aeroline Coach

One of the more premium Singapore to Kuala Lampur bus/coach services company is Aeroline coach. Their goal is to provide comfort that is comparable to airline travel. Some of the amenities of Aeroline include radio, a widescreen television, electricity, washrooms and meal services.


Nice Coache

In Singapore to Kuala Lampur bus services if you want to travel and avoid searching for pick up points or departure locations, you might want to consider Nice coaches since if you purchase a ticket on their Nice Imperial coach they offer free dropoff and pickup services in limousines. Nice coaches also offer the Nice Executive lounge. Other amenities included cocoon shaped seats that give maximum comfort and space, an Ogawa massager that is incorporated in the seat. In addition, the cocoon shaped seats can be reclined electronically with the remote that is included.


Transtar Bus Service

For those who need to work or use the Internet, there is 4G Wi-Fi access as well as private television monitors and tablets. Transtar also offers customers the opportunity to travel in style since they offer the option of sleeper-equipped coaches named Solitaire and First Class coach options, including leather seats, massage chairs, onboard attendants and other frills. For more budget friendly customers, Transtar offers the SuperVIP/Executive buses that cause on average thirty to fourty dollars less than the premium versions mentioned above.


Grassland Express

Another popular Singapore to Kuala Lampur coach service operator is Grassland Express which is also known as Supernice buses or Supernice Express. They offer very spacious seats for normal and plus-size travellers and two classes of Grassland Express coaches; with amenities such as electronic footrest and LCD console, power plug outlets and personal lamps for working.


Eltabina Express Bus Service

Yet, another popular bus operator is Eltabina Express, which has been operating for over twenty years and they offer two different types of coach options. The Super VIP coach and the Double Deck coach option. Finally, if you want to purchase a budget friendly and reasonably fast coach, you might consider First Coach since they are conveniently located near Novena Square, which is located centrally. In addition, First Coach takes the Second Link route, thus ensuring reasonably fast travel times.


Book your Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Bus Tickets Online

Now you can book your bus tickets from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur online. You can select from the available trips on the give dates and also reserve your seat. The ticket cost from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur depends on the type of the bus, i.e.., economy or luxury and the facilities available, i.e.., Wi-Fi.

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Bus Departure Locations

If you wish to check out all coach services which offers Singapore to Kuala Lumpur bus services for yourself, then you might want to visit the Golden Mile Complex, which is a huge mall, since the bus lot for numerous operators is located across it.  Singapore has no central bus terminal, instead operators work from diverse locations. Near the Golden Mile Complex you can purchase a ticket directly from the coach operator.

Although a majority of coach operators depart from the vicinity of the Golden Mile complex, some depart from other locations. Golden Coach departs from Key Point, Aeroline departs from Harbour Front and First Coach departs from Novena. Finally, Grassland, Konsortium and other operators depart from the Boon Lay Shopping Center, which is one kilometer from the center of Singapore. You need to take a note of the departure and arrival locations whether you are booking a ticket online or buying it directly from coach operator.

Overall,  Singapore and Kuala Lumpur bus ride gives you  an enjoyable experience that is no less accommodating than airplane travel.

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