Review of top Singapore Car rental services

If you plan on enjoying all the wonderful sites and events that Singapore has to offer, it might make sense to get a Singapore car rental  for explore more and visit such a worth seeing sites. Let’s take a look into brief  Singapore car rental services.

Like many other places there is a plethora of  car rental options in Singapore. We have covered budget car rental in Singapore too. It is also quite common for natives to rent cars due to the fact that, it is very expensive to own a motor vehicle in Singapore – and leasing is quite common for expats working in Singapore.

Top Singapore Car rental services

So, with that in mind it is helpful to have an outline of places that offers car rental services in Singapore and the option, price and facilities they have to offer. There are many car rental services in Singapore so with some research, you will be able to find the one which is reliable and within your budget.

Ace Drive

If budget concerns rank high on your list of priorities, you should definitely consider the services of Ace Drive for Singapore car rental . They offer very competitive rates for as low as 80$ per day. Despite offering low prices, Ace Drive offers a diverse range of budget and premium cars depending on your needs and desires.

ace drive
Courtesy of acedrive

On the more cost friendly side, their budget cars include brand such as; Honda Fit, Honda Odyssey, Toyota Rush and Wish. Some of the premium options include Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Ferarri and Lexus vehicles.

As for important details, there is also a comprehensive insurance coverage provided with each car, including 24/7 breakdown service and all rates include the insurance and road tax. Like any top-notch service, their car rental fleet are maintained regularly, thus ensuring quality and value.



Courtesy of sixtblog

Sixt is a well-known brand around the world and they offer two locations in Singapore for car rental services, including a Meet and Greet location located at the airport thus helping you to get started on your holiday or business trip with the minimum amount of hassle. Sixt has wide selection of vehicles to choose from and they offer an additional insurance. If you want a trusted global company, you cannot go wrong with Sixt.


Car Rental Singapore

Car Rental Singapore
Courtesy of carrentalsg

Car Rental Singapore provides customers with free collection and delivery services free of charge. They offer top quality and personalized car rental service in Singapore to corporations and individuals. All costs are inclusive so that means there are no hidden additional costs or charges to the bill. You simply pay a refundable deposit of S$200 (subject to vehicle).

Some of the great promotions that Singapore Car Rental offers include a weekday rental discount of 15%; also if you rent any vehicle for more than seven days you have free rental access to a GPS navigation system. If you rent for three days or more, you and your family are entitled to a free rental of a baby seat.

Advance Car Rental Singapore

Advance Car Rental
Courtesy of advancecarrental

Advance Car Rental Singapore provides budget friendly car rental services in Singapore. They do not require any deposit on car rentals. However, they are also not located at the airport or any hotel lobbies to avoid all fees associated with renting and operating services in those areas. Furthermore, they do not offer free delivery or pickup.

In addition, Advance Car Rental offers extensive rental periods and you can rent on a monthly or yearly basis as well compared to the more common daily or weekly basis. Despite the no frills model of Advance Car Rental Singapore has a well- trained and efficient staff that will assist in all your rental needs.


Aka Car Rental

AKA Singapore Car Rental
Courtesy of akacarrentalsg

Aka Car Rental offers some of best competitive car rental rates in Singapore, while emphasizing customer service. As mentioned previously, car rental is not only limited to foreigners or visitor and inhabitants of Singapore also utilize car rental services heavily. Aka Car Rental focuses on offering low prices so their fleet is comprised of vehicles such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda that offer excellent fuel efficiency for you while you visit all that Singapore has to offer.


Motorway Car Rentals

Motorway Car Rentals
Courtesy of motorwaycarrentals

If you want to visit Singapore in more style, Motorway Car Rentals might suit you since they offer a diverse range of vehicles as well as five rental locations in Singapore. Part of their fleet includes convertibles, exotic cars and limousines. They offer both short term and long term car rental options and have operated successfully for more than a decade in Singapore.

One of the great benefits that the company offers is its emergency 24/7 road assistance service. So if anything occurs whether it is car trouble or an accident, you are safe in knowing that Motorway Car rental will assist you right away.


Asia Express

Asia Express
Courtesy of expresscar

Asia Express is one of Singapore’s leading budget car rental company and operating for more then a decade. They are well known for providing comfortable Singapore car rental services. It has four rental locations around Singapore and with its competitive prices it delivers a safe and enjoyable driving experience while in Singapore, while also operating a reliable customer support service .


Avis Rent a Car

Courtesy of avis

Avis is known throughout the globe for its brand and reliable service. They have been operating in Singapore for over three decades and Avis operates in five different locations in Singapore. Avis offers numerous car rental offers that are enticing to many visitors.  Also if you want to avoid the hassle and stress of Singapore car rental, Avis offers its customers the option of meet and greet. 


Hawk Rent A Car

Hawk Rent A Car Singapore
Courtesy hawkrentacar

Hawk Singapore has been operating for over twenty years in both Malaysia and Singapore and has managed to become a market leader with a fleet of over five hundred cars in Singapore alone. When you rent a car from them, they can manage to save quite a bit if you have an extended stay since the rate becomes much cheaper the longer you keep the vehicle.  Renting is also a simple affair since there are over three rental branches located in Singapore. Hawk Singapore also operates its meet and greet in all terminals of the Singapore airport, including most major hotels.


Alpine Car Rental

Alpine Car Rental
Courtesy Alpine Car Rental

Alpine Car Rental offers very competitive rates and a modern fleet of vehicles. Customers are offered a variety of rental options that include an hourly rental as well as daily, weekend, weekly and monthly. In addition, they offer vehicles that can be driven in Malaysia as well. They also provide emergency roadside assistance that operates 24/7.


These are some of the best and recommended companies to offer car rental in Singapore. If you want to share your experience or recommend a service, please do so by adding comments below.

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