Make the most of Singapore with your Smartphone

Shop, travel, commute and be in-the-know like a professional in Singapore with the help of your smartphone and a little bit of insight.

Technology these days can offer consumers so much information and at incredible speeds; but, without the right guide, these high-powered devices can leave some users hopelessly stuck in a choice paradox. Users can find themselves wondering: out of the hundreds of thousands of apps I can download, which is the most useful for me?

Today, you are in luck. With a little bit of research, we’ve found the most useful apps for Singaporeans to download in order to get the most out of their smartphones and Singapore. If you live in Singapore, or are just visiting, you’ll find something useful in this list – all of the apps listed are available from the Android, Google Play and App stores.

First on our list is one that would be most relevant to travellers and fresh arrivals: the iChangi app. This nifty little app gives you all the information you’ll need when travelling through Changi, including: transportation, transfers, hotlines, flight times, departure gates, shopping and dining information, and real-time updates. As an added bonus, if you’re tracking a flight, this app will send you notifications about it (the notifications can be switched off if they aren’t needed).

So you’ve arrived in Changi and have no idea how to get to your hotel without springing for a taxi; or, you’re just trying get to Dempsey Hill but are clueless as to which bus to take. Ponder no more, MyTransport Singapore has you covered. Not only does this app include all relevant public transport information, it also includes: bus stop & taxi stand locations, real-time parking lot availabilities, live traffic images, a route planner, expressway and train service delays, as well as nearby lifestyle and event promotions. This app gives you the information you need to get around Singapore with ease.

There’s no denying that Singapore is a city world famous for it’s shopping. On any given day you can journey down to Orchard Road and find the streets and shops packed with people looking to buy the trendiest clothes or the newest gadgets. But what do you do if you can’t face the crowds anymore, or if you prefer to find the best price with minimal hassle? You use the internet. The Price Panda app should be your first port-of-call. PricePanda is a price comparison website that offers consumers the best price comparisons as well as the latest news and product information. So you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for and at the best price without setting foot in any over-crowded store. If you prefer to shop from your desktop, you can visit their website PricePanda Singapore instead.

The final entry on our “making the most of Singapore” list is MeRadio. This wonderful app gives users access to all 13 Mediacorp radio stations in all four languages – English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin. MeRadio delivers the culturally diverse sounds of Singapore to you, wherever you are. Having access to this wide variety of radio stations will keep you in the loop as to the latest music, and news and information as to the goings on in Singapore.

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