List of Prohibited items not to carry in Singapore on your visit

Singapore budget airline terminal at Changi Airport
Singapore budget airline terminal at Changi Airport

List of Prohibited Items not to carry in Singapore Highlights

Singapore is a fun place for kids, elders, couples and solo tourists. But there is a reason that makes the country Asia’s best place for tourism. Apart from its cultural and technological development, Singapore is also famous for its strict laws and rules. The rules can be justified with the fact that Singaporean government accommodates millions of tourists every year with a truly homely environment. However; some rules leave one really stunned!

Here is the list of prohibited items you should not bring in Singapore to secure yourself from fine. Note that Singaporean government charges from a range of S$50 to S$5000 on violation of civil conduct laws.

1. Singapore Duty Free Intoxicating Liquids

Singaporean government allows you to transport alcohol of all kinds provided that the Singaporean duty has been cleared for the product. Also, you cannot carry duty-free alcohol purchased from anywhere else or you will be charged fine. So the best is to buy alcohol in Singapore Internationl Airport.

2. Drugs

Drugs of all kinds are just not allowed in Singapore. The law is very strict about drugs and the carrier is charged with the death penalty.

3. Duty Free Cigarettes and E Label Cigarettes

You can only bring those cigarettes in Singapore for which Singaporean duty has been cleared. Duty free cigarettes are also not allowed. Also, you cannot bring in cigarettes with E label.

4. Cigarette Lighters or Revolver Shaped Lighters

Not only cigarette lighters but anything resembling revolvers will be immediately detained. Cigarette lighters, intoxicating liquids, firecrackers and other flammable objects cannot be carried into Singapore.

5. Psychotropic Substance

Anything that controls human mind including drugs, medicines, smelling substances and other such objects are also not allowed. For more information please visit Health Products Regulation Group (HPRG) website.

6. Chewing Gum

Singapore has very strict rules against littering. You cannot eat anything during public transportation in Singapore. Chewing gums are considered primary causes of littering therefore; chewing gums are prohibited to be brought in Singapore from outside.

7. Wildlife Endangered Species

Among pets, you cannot bring in the endangered species of wildlife animals. The species can be brought in with special permission of concerned authorities. The relevant agency to provide authorization is Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

8. Obscene or Pornographic Stuff

About obscenity, Singapore has very strict rules to ensure family environment for tourists.  Singapore is a place where you cannot buy porn. You cannot bring obscene articles, publications, magazines, video tapes, software and porn related stuff into the country.

9. Anarchy Producing or Grouping Stuff

Since decades, tens of cultures have survived in Singapore with brotherhood and friendship. Singaporean government does not allow tourists to bring in any stuff that promotes grouping or community formation. Any stuff that can create anarchy in the peaceful Singaporean life will be dismantled.

10. Reproduction of Copyrights

No matter which country owns the copyrights, you cannot reproduce their stuff or bring their reproduced stuff into Singapore. Very strict legal action will be taken in such regard. The carrier will be deported to his country. For more information please visit Media Development Authority.

There are some other things which you can bring in Singapore but only with permission. These include weapon like toys, weapons, films and video tapes, pharmaceuticals, medicine poisons, telecommunication equipments, meat and meat products, fish and fish products, pets and publications.

For more information on Controlled and Prohibited Goods, please visit Singapore Custom website.

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