Exchange Currency Online in Singapore using Marco Polee

Marco Polee exchange currency in Singapore

Whenever we travel abroad the process of exchanging money (cash or travelers cheques) is very straight forward – or so it seems. You can exchange money at the Airport or at the money changers you can find dotted around most big cities. We have also discussed some of the best money changers in Singapore here. So you bring the currency you have with you and exchange it for the  currency and amount you want. There is one catch, however -the exchange rate is not in your hands. When you add up fees and commissions, suddenly your “market price” is no longer market value! Imagine, if you could exchange money at the rates banks do, without a middleman taking a cut.  And now imagine making this transaction at a location that’s most convenient to you.

Well, say goodbye to the middleman. Thanks to the Marco Polee –  platform which lets you buy or sell currency without fees and commissions. Marco Polee is a peer to peer online platform that enables users to exchange currency with each other – giving them the market exchange rate with no hidden fees, no commissions, and allows them to exchange at their convenience of location and time.

So, if  you are in Singapore and want to exchange money, here are the simple steps to follow:

1. Search the currency you would like to exchange for, or – if you aren’t rushing to the airport! – create your own listing and be noticed when someone is interested in exchanging with you.
2. Find the exchange that suits you (amount, time and location – note, exchange rates at the market rate are fixed to the listing when it is created .
3. Meet up with the user to exchange your currency.

Marco Polee is perfect for business trips, holidays or moving overseas. Or if you just have some left over currency from a trip and want to exchange it without the fees. The platform aims to provide consumers on a global scale a better way to exchange their currency at the most competitive rate in the market (no hidden fees) and convenient as possible. Marco Polee giving the power back to the people.

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