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Best time to visit Singapore

When is the best time to visit Singapore?

So, you finally decided to visit the “Lion City”. However, if you are wondering when you should visit Singapore and what you can expect from your trip then the following guide is for you. This guide also answer the common question as “when is the best time to visit Singapore”?

First of all, Singapore is a lovely place and any wise and cultured person would say that the best time to visit Singapore is anytime. Still, you have to take many things into account and some periods of the year are actually better for some people to visit. If you need the nitty-gritty, well, look no further. Choosing best time to visit Singapore is an important decision and you must weigh in numerous factors.

If you want to experience the hustle and bustle of a robust economy, while also experiencing large festivals and crowds, then you might want to visit during public holidays or festivals. On the other hand, if you are looking for an alternative path you need to consider other factors before setting off and buying your ticket to Singapore.  The following guideline may assist you with your choice:

Ethnic & Religious Events

Singapore is a cosmopolitan place filled with people from around all around the world; it is comprised of people from many different ethnic groups and religions. For this reason, Singapore has a myriad of public holidays. Many people that go to Singapore experience the wonders of witnessing Chinese Lunar New Year. If you intend on doing so you should visit Singapore during January or February but just make sure you have checked your lunar calendar in advance!

By visiting Singapore during the Chinese New Year, you will be able to witness lovely customs. While visiting the night stalls around the neighborhoods in the city you will also smell the enticing aroma of local foods; while also seeing the bustling of people all around as they make their new-year visits, as well as observing the children carrying their “Hong Bao” or red envelopes.

Chinese New Year 2014 Singapore

During the Chinese New Year, the streets are teeming with people and the city is filled with the sounds of traditional music and red lanterns are hung up all around. The highly recommended place to visit during Chinese New Year is definitely Chinatown.

In addition, to these wonderful religious holidays, there are the public holidays of Christians and Muslims so it is crucial to take into account when all of these festivals are held because these large festivals fill the city streets and they tend to bring traffic to a stand-still, while also pushing up the price of accommodation; especially during Christmas.

Christmas Tree in Singapore

Travelling during Christmas and close to the Western New Year can cost a pretty penny. Also be sure to check when certain religions such as Islam celebrate their cherished holidays, for example the lovely “Hari Raya Eid-ul-Fitri” which comes after Ramadan every year in accordance to the Islamic calendar. Muslims all around Singapore give thanks and celebrate having successfully completed the fasting period of Ramadan. All around Singapore, you will see people in traditional baju kurun outfits and in a festive mood, so visiting Singapore during “Hari Raya Eid-ul-Fitri” is sure to be a treat.

On the other hand, Hindus celebrate for example Diwali or Deepavali, which is held every autumn. While visiting Singapore it might be wonderful time to visit then, you can enjoy the streets of Little India; while you are there can shop for saris at the Tekka Center or enjoy the scenery of the Sri Verramakaliamman Temple and witness the splendors of Deepavali. Everything during this festival is transformed into a visual buffet for the eyes. There are bazaars and countless cultural activities to see and partake in while in Singapore during Deepavali. Another Hindu festival that is held annually, usually between the Middle of January or the beginning of February, is Thaipusam. Those who witness it says that few things in the world can compare to the enthusiasm and fervor on display, as people display tremendous acts of devotion and sacrifice for their faith.

Singapore Weather

Singapore Weather

Singapore is only 137 kilometers from the Equator or 1 degree north of it, so you to factor that in when planning your trip to Singapore. It is a very hot and humid climate. A general rule is that, April and May, are the hottest months with January being the coolest due to the cooling from the monsoon season, whereas November is the wettest.  So, if you come during the months of April and May, expect high levels of humidity and heat.

As for rainy months many visitors that come to Singapore say that the brief showers are actually quite refreshing, since they offer much needed rest from the sun. All in all however, it is difficult to say that any particular month or season is a best time to visit Singapore. The temperatures are fairly stable all year round so the weather should not discourage you unless you do no not tolerate the heat well, then it would be wise to avoid April and May.

In addition, during recent years haze has become an issue in Singapore, so before travelling it is crucial to check meteorological forecasts well ahead of time; this can be done on the following homepage:


If you are on a tight budget or just a person that loves to travel to as many places as possible, it might be wise to come during August and September since hotel rates are considerably lower during late summer or early autumn. Be warned though, if you decide to go then, make sure you to check the schedule for the Singapore Grand Prix; especially since this event attracts plenty of people, driving prices up. If you intend on seeing the Singapore Grand Prix, you should book your accommodation considerably in advance. Other visitors might want to travel the countryside during this period.

School Holidays

One additional thing that should be considered is the school holidays of neighboring countries such as Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia, which can cause a surge so prices might peak during school breaks as well. However, if you decide on visiting Singapore during August through September, there are fairly good prices available from travel agents and airlines during this period.

Festivals and Events

Plenty of people know about the Mexican tradition of Día de Muertos, however some people are totally oblivious to the unique and beautiful tradition that is Yu Lan or the Hungry Ghost Festival. Taoist Chinese believe that during this period of time that the souls are the dead are free to roam among the living. In order to appease the spirits, people burn mock currency and other items and there are many days of celebrations; including nightly shows. If you go in August, you can witness this amazing custom at display. However, if you opt to go earlier and want to shop until you drop, then you can check out The Great Singapore Sale during June to July.

Mid Autumn Festival Singapore

Another more traditional event to see is the Mid-Autumn Festival or Lantern Festival that is celebrated annually; you will be amazed at all the beautiful giant lantern displays all around. While you witness this splendor you can taste the scrumptious offerings of moon cakes treats in all sizes and shapes. If you are looking for even more festivities, why not visit Singapore in August. Every year on the 9th of August, the people of Singapore commemorate Singapore’s independence from Malaysia. Just make sure to wear red in order to fit in with the rest of the crowd. As a tourist it is a great time to visit Singapore since you will catch all the fireworks in the Marina Bay and watch the natives celebrate their national holiday.

We hope that you find best time to visit Singapore guide useful. If you want to share your thoughts then please do so by adding comments below.

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