All about Singapore Travel Insurance

Singapore Travel Insurance - SIA Aeroplane
Singapore Travel Insurance – SIA Aeroplane

So, you are heading off to Singapore for some quality time and adventures, or are you an expat seeking to establish a home in Singapore for the next few years?  No matter the reason with all that Singapore has to offer, it is no surprise that you might be focusing on the fun and adventure you plan on having; however practical matters must also come into play. Not only do you have to pack your toothbrush and get everything else in order but you must also seeking Singapore travel insurance guide .

Of course, insurance might not be on the top of many people’s minds when travelling  – yet in the long run it can save you a significant amount of hassle. All of a sudden, you may need to cancel your plans or sometimes your luggage can be lost on its way. By choosing an affordable coverage policy, you are eligible for benefits and assistance within in Singapore, and for that you might need Singapore travel insurance guide before arriving to Singapore in order to get maximum insurance benefits which Singapore government offers to their travelers.

Singapore Travel insurance System

Singapore health care system is offering world class system, which is apparent due to the influx of people visiting for medical tourism reasons; it is important to be insured.  Of course, Singapore can proudly label itself as one of the most excellent places to seek health care in the world nonetheless, it is imperative to ensure one has insurance in case of a prolonged hospitalization or if you or one of your loved ones must undergo a major surgery – because if you have an accident while in Singapore, you might run up an enormous medical costs if you do not have Singapore travel insurance.

Singapore Travel Insurance Offerings

Most premium insurance companies that offer travel insurance have policies that cover all unforeseen events as mentioned above as well as insuring you against loss of luggage and to a limited amount, depending on the company, of cash or traveler’s cheques. However, bear in mind that many companies do not insure against extreme sports or activities unless a higher premium is paid. With this in mind, it is good to explore options are available when travelling to Singapore.

Singapore Travel Insurance Companies

Below is an overview of some of the companies providing best travel insurance in Singapore.

Singapore Airline

Singapore Airline offers for an extensive coverage to  its passengers from Australia, Singapore and the United State travel insurance. For example if you have been travelling in Cambodia and your wallet and passport, including all other valuables have been stolen, you do not need to be distraught. You can turn to the travel guard insurance policy in tandem with Singapore Airlines for an emergency cash wire transfer and assistance in replacing your lost or stolen passport. If you arrive in Vietnam and your luggage has been lost, the Singapore travel insurance policy of travel guard will assist you. Even if you are in the jungles of Cambodia and injure yourself and need medical assistance, travel guard can assist you in finding  a physician to help you.

Filing a claim with is also quite easy, since you can contact their customer service representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every detail will be explained by the customer service representative to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

STA Travel

Another wise option is to choose travel insurance from STA Travel before planning your big trip. It is has one of the most affordable and competitive rates available, including comprehensive travel insurance policies that will allow you enjoy all your travelling with the minimum amount of stress. On their website, STA Travel insurance lists some of the unknown calamities that might befall you. For example, if you purchase a non-refundable air ticket to attend a music concert and the concert is cancelled suddenly, you do not need to fret because if you are covered by STA Travel insurance you will be refunded for all your travel purchases, which includes the flight tickets. Or if you are travelling from Budapest to Belgrade and your flight is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions your coverage extends to all costs related to such events, including accommodation while you are delayed en route. Also natural disasters are also covered within their travel insurance policy. So STA travelers offers flexible travel insurance in Singapore.

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Axa Insurance Singapore

Another great option for travel insurance is through Axa Insurance Singapore. Some of the coverage included in their insurance policies include personal accident coverage that covers you up until three hours prior to departure. If you need medical assistance while abroad the coverage covers up to $600,000 during your stay abroad. For golfers, Axa insurance reimburses you for up to $3,000 for any lost, misplaced or damaged golf clubs that may occur while abroad. Personal effects coverage reaches up to $7,000. For those that are into some extreme sports, you will be glad to know that Axa insures for sky diving, parachuting and bungee jumping. Furthermore, in case of terrorism Axa insurance also insures against such unfortunate events.

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Allianz Global Assistance

If you choose to go with Allianz Global Assistance, they offer comprehensive travel insurance in Singapore coverage for you and individuals travelling along with you. In addition, to the Individual Plan coverage there is the family coverage plan, which covers trips around the globe. Some of the benefits of Allianz Global Assistance coverage include  24/7 emergency medical assistance as well as a vast amount of different benefits, making Allianz Global Assistance one of the most comprehensive travel insurance coverage in the market, such as a  “Compassionate Return trip Home”. Obtaining travel insurance coverage from Allianz Global Assistance is easy, you simply complete the online travel insurance application and you become eligible for insurance coverage. It is relatively easy and you avoid the hassle of medical examination and there is no price discrimination due to age; prices are based on the duration of the trip and to which location. However, you must disclose medical conditions when purchasing a policy to ensure for example that the policy will offer coverage for sudden trips to health care facilities.

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Thinking about Singapore travel insurance might not seem like great fun, however as you have read above it makes a lot of sense and it is a prudent step to ensure that while travelling you can stay safe and safeguard yourself and your family against any unforeseen events. Whether, you plan on just visiting Singapore or coming to live as an expat make sure to check out these options for travel insurance.

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