4 Classy Restaurant to Try in Singapore

4 Classy Restaurant to Try in Singapore

Singapore, while being a small country, is well known for many things. Its economy is one of the biggest in South-East Asia. Its education is top-notch. The medical infrastructure of Singapore is also well-known. Tourism is also one of Singapore’s strength. There are a lot of tourist magnets in Singapore, making it one of the most popular destination in South-East Asia. On top of all that, Singapore is also known as culinary heaven in South-East Asia. Both Singapore’s traditional street foods and innovative chef meals are renowned all over the world. Want to know about their food further? Here are some Singapore’s restaurant or bars you should try:

1. Gunther’s Restaurant

Gunther is a famous world-class chef that opened a restaurant in Singapore. Started his career at the age of 16, Gunther have made a name by serving tons of great meals to many, and even received a lot of culinary awards until now. He cooks many kinds of food, mainly the classy French serving with wines. There’s also specials every day if you like surprises. One thing for sure: the meal you tasted won’t be disappointing.

2. Balzac Brasserie

Balzac Brasserie is a restaurant and bar that not only serve food, but also an experience. Balzac Brasserie mainly offers French cuisine with wine and while the cuisine offered here are fine, the atmosphere of Balzac Brasserie is as important as the cuisine’s taste. When you enter Balzac Brasserie, you won’t be able to distinguish whether you are in Singapore or in French. This is what makes the place so interesting to visit. You definitely have to try dining here once!

3. Forest

At a glance, Forest looks like just another hotel restaurant. Don’t dismiss it just because of that though for Forest is the brainchild of Sam Leong, Singapore’s celebrity chef. Here you can enjoy many haute Chinese dines in form of 8-course or 10-course Discovery Menu which taste shall remain in your mouth forever. To top it off, you can also enjoy watching the chef creating his masterpieces with the “theatre kitchen” they provide. It is truly an interesting experience for sure!

4. Esquina

Esquina (Spanish; meaning “the corner”) is a restaurant featuring a long open communal bar and kitchen to make you feel like you’re in European urban canteens. The food offered here are all good tasting with great varieties. Divided in five categories, snacks, soil, seas, land, and desserts every single dine here is worth trying to the point where we can’t really recommend one “best” food for you to try here. But we can assure you that anything you order will be worth your money and time!

Does Singapore’s cuisine offering sounds great to you? If those foods sounds so good you want to go to Singapore for your next vacation, you shouldn’t be worried. As a modern and developed country, Singapore is easily accessible with its international airports. There’s also a lot of great Singapore hotels available. For example the V Hotel Lavender is a very good hotel offering you a cozy room, fitness center, department store, and bar. Another example is ibis Singapore on Bencoolen which rents you a comfy room with laundry service, room internet, and bike rental. If you are looking for another options of hotel, you can simply check or Agoda. So don’t wait any longer, go have fun at Singapore!

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