The Southern Ridges

Anyone looking for a place to get some exercise in Singapore should check out the Southern Ridges, a 9km series of parklands that feature a number of trails and walking paths ideal for getting out of town and into nature. Walkers and joggers will find this is an ideal place for a morning run, with a great choice of interconnected trails winding through the lush flora of Singapore.

The Southern Ridges are actually a group of four parks, spanning from Mount Faber Park at their southeast most point to West Coast Park at the other end. In between, pathways and bridges connect them, making all the parks accessible in one go.

The Parks

Three main parks cover most of the Southern Ridges, each with a unique offering of trails, plant life and features.

Mount Faber Park is a popular tourist destination, being one of Singapore’s oldest parks. Here, you can enjoy the Marina Deck with views of the harbor, as well as Faber Point, which overlooks some of Singapore’s urban development.

From Mount Faber, you can reach Telok Blangah Hill Park, a serene green space known for its hilltop terrace gardens, which are popular photo spots for wedding parties.

Kent Ridge Park lies between Singapore Science Park and the National University of Singapore. This quiet park is known for its untouched greenery and plentiful animal life, making it popular among bird-watchers and other nature lovers.

The Trails

A multitude of walking trails wind through the Southern Ridges. Several bridges interconnect the parks (see below), making it possible to walk the entire 9km from beginning to end. Some of the paths, such as Marang Trail in Mount Faber Park, are somewhat steep, so if you’re planning to do the entire walk, it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring along plenty of water.

Several of the trails also offer fantastic views of the Singapore skyline, especially those that snake through the highest points along Mount Faber. On a clear day, it is possible to see all the way to the Southern Islands from the peaks on Faber Trail. The Forest Walk is a particularly impressive raised walkway that brushes right up against the forest canopy, offering you a complete view of the trees from above.

The Bridges

The bridges connecting the parks are arguably the most interesting aspect of the walks in the Southern Ridges. Alexandra Arch, which connects Alexandra Road and Hyderabad Road, is a curved metal deck-bridge formed in the shape of a leaf.

Henderson Waves is definitely the most well-known spot in the Southern Ridges. This wavy pedestrian bridge, made of yellow balau timber, ripples over and under its own deck. Because of its popularity, Henderson Waves is generally more crowded than other areas of the Southern Ridges, as local nature lovers all want to get a look at its interesting design.


You can access the trails at many points along the Southern Ridges, many with MRT or bus connections. Starts for the entire 9 km walk can be made in West Coast Park or Harbourfront.

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