Marina City Park


Just a few steps from downtown, Marina City Park is Singapore’s urban green space. Here, visitors can admire local plants and birds, take a serene walk by the sea and admire the lovely pond and fountain.

An Oasis in the City

Marina City Park is situated along Marina Bay, not far from Raffles Place. The park is a heaven for sightseers and downtown workers looking to escape the business district and enjoy a quiet afternoon walk.

The park was designed as part of Singapore’s aspiration to become a “City in a Garden”. It is run by the National Parks Board of Singapore and is the only centrally located urban recreational area in Singapore.

Interesting Features

Marina City Park boasts a variety of features that make it an ideal escape from the madness of downtown. It has a two-tiered pond complete with a fountain that gushes water 18 meters high. When viewed from certain angles, it appears that the skyscrapers of Singapore rise ominously out of the pond itself. The park’s serene natural backdrop offers an interesting dichotomy against the city skyline in the distance.

Walkers can enjoy several paths leading through the park, and nature enthusiasts will revel in the plethora of gorgeous plant life scattered throughout the area. Purple water hyacinths, colorful pagoda plants and bulky mangrove ferns are dotted in and among the shady trees. There are also several large open lawns that make excellent spots for a picnic or a friendly game of football.

The park is also home to several interesting sculptures. A series of statues depict legendary Chinese heroes like Confucius, while the modern stainless steel sculptures like “The Spirit of Youth” and “Soaring Vision” portray positive themes for Singapore’s future.

Constellation Plaza is also an enjoyable feature of the park in the evenings. With a starry sky overhead, visitors can locate the constellations in view at any given time and discover the astronomical delights that linger in Singapore’s night sky! The nearby Sundial Plaza uses ancient shadow technology to indicate the time of day and is a great way to learn the science of telling time.

Getting There

There is no admission fee to Marina City Park and it is open everyday. To get there, take the MRT to Marina Bay Station, from where it is just a short walk down Marina Street to the park’s entrance. Alternately, take SBS Transit Bus no. 400.