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Gardens By The Bay Singapore – A unique attraction added to Singapore landscape

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Gardens by the Bay Singapore Highlights

Gardens by the Bay Singapore is a latest attraction added to Singapore landscape that cost around $1 billion dollar. Garden by the Bay can quench your thirst for adoring natural wonders. Located just at a walk of 5 minutes from Marina Bay, this place is more than just a garden full of plants and flowers spread out on 101 hectares.

Once you will enter you are going to lose track of time. Horticulture fans will truly be fascinated after a visit to this beautiful garden. With amazing views from the rooftop and conservatories full of rare plant species, this place is a heaven on earth.

Here, we have compiled all the necessary information about this heaven including its features, specialties, parking, ticket price, timings, hotels nearby, how to reach and everything else that you need!

Bay Central

This 3 kilometer waterfront boardwalk connects Bay East and Bay South. From here, you can view breathtaking scenes of Southern Singapore connecting with the Eastern Singapore. Its development projects will start in next few years.

Bay South

OCBC Skyway Bridge at Gardens by the Bay

This is the place from where you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Gardens by taking a stroll on OCBC Skyway; a walkway stretching 128 meters long. The amazing fact is that this walkway is suspended between two Super-trees that collect rainwater and helps in generating solar power. Bay South is the largest waterfront garden in the Gardens of the Bay. You are likely to spend more time here if you are a fan of cherishing natural speculations.

Bay East

The only place from where you can have an amazing view of the Singapore skyline is the Bay East. Lush green lawns and natural florets provide you the perfect environment for having a fun filled day with your family and friends. A long walk amidst the beautiful lawns will be enough to rejuvenate your soul.


If it is too hot for you to stay outside and admire the beauty of the gardens, then head towards the two conservatories that will provide you an escape from the external heat; Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Both the conservatories go with the length of Marina Reservoir so you may catch the splashing water along with the flowers.

Flower Dome

Flower Dome conservatory is the largest glasshouse in world which has no columns. It will tell you about the plants, nature and people residing in Mediterranean region. Also, the importance of plants in these regions will be highlighted and you will be explained about how plants are becoming endangered in these areas because of the rise in planet’s temperature. You can amuse yourself by watching different and unique plant species and also enjoy “Flower Field”, which is the main attraction in Flower Dome.

Flower dome flower collection at Gardens by the bay Singapore

Have you ever heard about Monkey Puzzle Tree, Cork Oak, Stone Pine and Chilean Wine Palm? If you haven’t heard then this is a brilliant chance to see them closely in 6 different zones of Gardens by the Bay.

  1. The Australian Garden:

    It’s special plants include Eucalypts and Wollemi Pine.

  2. The South American Garden:

    The special plants include Monkey puzzle tree and Chilean Wine Palm.

  3. The Californian Garden:

    Almost all the Californian plants are exhibited here.

  4. The Baobabs:

    Apart from succulent plants, it has plants from USA, Madagascar, Mexico and Africa. Baobab trees are the special exhibition.

  5. The South African Garden:

    Along with the national flower of South Africa; Protea, its special exhibition also includes Strelitzia.

  6. The Mediterranean Garden:

    This garden includes plants from the vicinity of Mediterranean Sea including the special ones like Canary Island Date Palm, Stone Pine and Cork Oak.

Cloud Forest

35 high waterfall at cloud forest in Garden by the Bay SingaporeCloud Forest talks about the relationship between our planet and the plants, and how the biodiversity is threatened because of the rising temperatures of the cloud forests. However, the central attraction of Cloud Forest conservatory is much more attractive then Flower Dome. Here you will find a Mountain approximately 35m high. The best part is that a waterfall drops from that mountain, making the environment around it cool. This specialty has various levels.

  1. Entry Level:
    Ferns, orchids, foothills, camellias and rare conifers will welcome you at the entry level.
  2. Lost World:

    The jungle species, in which everyone gets lost; including fly traps, ferns, pitcher plants and the scary Keteleeria, are present here.

  3. Cloud Walk:

    This aerial walk will let you have a glimpse down on the entry level and the epiphytes paving their way outside the mountain.

  4. Cavern and Crystal Mountain:

    It is the world of caves and minerals.

  5. Treetop Walk:

    This is also an aerial walk.

  6. Secret Garden:

    This is a never-to-miss part which has some beautiful but secret exhibits from New Zealand.

  7. Earth Check and +5 Degree:

    These are video shows and exhibitions showing you the effects of global warming on plants. +5 Degrees shows how plants will react if the temperature rises by 5 degrees.

Supertrees Grove

Garden by the Bay SupertreeThose tall tree like structures which you see from far distance are Supertrees. These 25 to 50 meter tall structures provide maintenance and operating functions for the garden. They have a unique collection of ferns and plants. They also have a unique technological setup which shows you natural functioning of the plants in a technological way, including photosynthesis and absorption etc.


At Gardens by the Bay, you can find various cafes and bistros to have a snack-filled day while you roam around the beautiful garden. Some fine eateries include;

  • Verandah
  • Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant
  • Pollen
  • Supertree Dining
  • Satay by the Bay
  • Cafe Crema

Things You Would Notice After Getting Back!

Only a few attractions in this world own the capacity of bringing you different sentiments about them. Gardens by the Bay is one of them. When you are there, you will be lost into its beauty and variety. But when you get back from there, very different type of emotions will emerge.

  1. You will realize the need of our ancestor’s world in this present artificial world with true depths. The natural environment of the gardens will make you realize this.
  2. A very rare type of nostalgia will emerge. It will compel you to think about rich history of Singapore, which is now lost in the liberal policies of immigration, thus making up 40% of foreign population in the country.
  3. The extravaganza of Special Edition Gardens By The Bay Chicken Rice is incomparable across the oceans. No matter where you eat chicken rice later, you will be unable to help remember these flavors.

Future Plans

The Urban Redevelopment Authority has given a plan to develop a Flower Market and an Event Destination at the garden. Flower Market will display beautiful flower collections. The Event Market will provide platform for organizing events and functions along with a whole range of shops, restaurants and retail outlets.

Super Trees in Garden by the Bay


  1. You can make your special day more extraordinary by getting yourself a place in one of the event venues offered by Gardens by the Bay.
  2. You can bring your kids and enroll them in the environment-friendly educational programs that teach them about the importance of nature and plants, thus making their journey a lot more meaningful.


There are different timings to enjoy the gardens and conservatories at Gardens by the Bay:

  • Conservatories: 9:00 AM till 9:00 PM Daily
  • OCBC Skyway: 9:00 AM till 9:00 PM Daily.


Gardens by the Bay awaits you at 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

How to Reach Gardens by The Bay

The easiest way to reach Gardens by the Bay is to reach via Bayfront MRT Station. If you are coming through Marina Bay MRT Station, then you can take Service 400 bus. The forth stop will drop you at Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay Parking

The car parking closes at 2 AM daily in Gardens by The Bay. Parking rates are similar throughout the week and remain unchanged on public holidays as well. The parking rates include:

Rates Before 5/6 PM: For first 5 hours, the rate is $0.025 per minute. After that, $0.05 per minute is charged till 5/6 PM.

Rates After 5/6 PM: For first 5 hours, $0.02 per minute is charged. After 5 hours, $0.04 per minute is the rate till 2 AM.

Hotels Near Gardens by the Bay

With an ideal location and a great demand, Gardens by the Bay is very close to Singapore’s top most hotels and resorts.

  1. Marina Bay Sands – 0.6 miles
  2. The Ritz Carlton – 0.7 miles
  3. Pan Pacific – 0.8 miles
  4. Mandarin Oriental – 0.8 miles
  5. The Fullerton Bay Hotel – 0.9 miles
  6. Conrad Centennial – 0.9 miles
  7. Raffles Hotel – 1.1 miles
  8. Fairmont – 1.1 miles

Gardens by the Bay is a relatively a new attraction in Singapore but it’s unique concept had made it one of the iconic attractions in Singapore. It attracts all kind of visitors whether you are a couple or a family or just want to take some great snaps with your camera. Another similar attraction in Singapore is botanical garden.

Do share with us your Gardens by the Bay stories and snaps by adding comments below.

Photo Credit: William Cho & Flickr

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