East Coast Park | Sway With the Palms!

Facts about East Coast Park:

  • East Coast Park is located on the south-eastern part of Sentosa Island.
  • It first opened in the 1970s, when the Government reclaimed areas of land.
  • It is Singapore’s largest (at 1.85 km2) and most popular park, boasting a completely man-made beach!

Have you ever been to a multipurpose park?  If the East Coast Park were a person, it would be a “jack-of-all-trades”.  It offers visitors organized events & activities, which could include band performances, yoga, or even line dancing.  Of all the national parks in Singapore, it is the only one that has a bowling alley.  It has wonderful views for photography and people enjoy flying their kites about the green ways.  Visitors can go skating, cycling or even fishing.  For a special treat, take your family for a picnic or barbecue!  East Coast Park is unique in the multitude of activities that can take place there and it is no wonder that the park’s signature phrase is “Recreation For All”!

What other things does East Coast Park offer?

Do you like water-sports?  Get wet and have some fun!  Join the Sailing Club and the People’s Association.  For dry-sports, concessionaires offer equipment at a low fee.  Do you want something a little more laid back?  You can try out the golf driving range for some alternative fun.  There are holiday chalets and restaurants at your bidding.  There is also a centre where food vendors hawk their goods.  Weekends are the best to visit and relax, especially if you’re swaying with the coconut palm trees.  Do you like the sound of ocean waves touching upon a beach?  Or would you like to feel a cool ocean breeze brushing lightly across your face?  Let East Coast Park provide you with these sensations and more!

What are some highlights of the park?

Beach Cabana offers in-line skating rentals at low prices, along with special bike packages.   At Our Family Corner, visitors can also rent affordable in-line skates or mountain bikes, but they also cater to families.  Our Family Corner offers tandem and children’s bikes, or bikes with a baby seat attached.  Near the East Coast Food Village is Castle Beach.  Many activities at Castle Beach are set-up by a non-profit organization of the same name.  For water fun, Mana Mana East Coast is a beach club that has great facilities (such as breezy beach side pavilions) and it is open to regular members and casual users alike.  Mana Mana has many watersports equipment (or “toys” as they call them), which include windsurf boards, dinghies, fitness kayaks and stand-up paddle boards for rent.  They also offer windsurfing, sailing, and diving classes to all who are interested.  There is a special dive training pool and a nice take-out Beach Deli.

It is an all-around event creator!

Playground @ Big Splash is the place to create the best setting for your event, be it sports-related, family carnivals, corporate functions, movie screenings, special concerts, or something as important as a wedding.  There are many outdoor spaces available and there wills surely be a venue for the perfect fit.  Food is not that far away either.  Jumbo Seafood is a great outlet for dinner.  Established in 1987, the first Jumbo Seafood restaurant was created at the well-known East Coast Seafood Centre.  This centre is popular among tourists and locals for housing many other well-known seafood restaurants.  Two of those great venues are the elegant No Signboard Seafood and the appetizing Long Beach Seafood.  You have to try Long Beach Seafood’s legendary Black Pepper Crab!

East Coast Park has a lot of things to offer.  Last but not least, the Marine Cove, formerly known as the East Coast Recreation Centre, is a building complex in East Coast Park where many food & drink venues are set next to the bowling alley and billiards saloon.  Go sway with the palms and walk upon the foot reflexology rock paths.  You’ll be glad you did!

Tips for Travelers

  • Visit the East Coast Park’s official page on Singapore’s National Parks website.
  • Remember to register your event if you don’t want to pay a hefty fine.
  • For more guidelines on your park visit, check the “Do’s and Don’ts”.

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