Traveling or Staying in Singapore? You Will Need a VPN

Traveling to Singapore VPN Guide

For those who are traveling to Singapore, or looking to make a new home in Singapore, they will find that the area has tons to offer, and is going to be full of memories that will last for a lifetime. The Internet in Singapore has been regulated since 1996. Within these regulations, Singapore has the right to block websites that are deemed inappropriate due to the content they have. This content can be judged as not proper on moral or legal grounds. Usually the websites that are blocked are those that are violent, contain pornography, and/or racial or religious hatred. Which are common restrictions faced in most countries.

The main reason that people have an issue with the Internet in Singapore is that due to their new geographical location, they may find that their favorite sites are out of reach now. This is typically referred to as geo-restriction. When geo-restriction is in place, certain sites can only be accessed if the IP address of the Internet user belongs to that country.

A few examples of geo-restriction includes:

– Netflix, a video streaming service, that is offered to those in the United States.
– BBC Player, unique to the United Kingdom
– Pandora, a music player, is only available to the United States

Geo-restriction is not placed by the government, but by the website itself. The reason for this varies from one website to another. But, the good news, is that you can get past this geo-restriction and unblock those websites.

A virtual private network, more commonly referred to as a VPN, is a way to get a unique IP address that helps to ensure geo-restriction is no longer an issue for you. A VPN provider has servers that are located throughout the world, and each server is going to allow a person to have access to thousands of IP addresses. If you are in Singapore, and have the itch to see the latest release on Netflix, you can easily choose a US server that gives you a US IP address. The problem is fixed, as you can now access Netflix via the Internet.

The Details of a VPN

With a VPN, you will find that it can be used with most major operating systems on your computer, as well as with most devices that people utilize for their Internet browsing, which includes your mobile phone and tablet. The process for setting up a VPN is usually given in fine detail from the VPN provider. Many of these VPN’s have one step setups that allow you to get online much faster.

Along with offering a way to get past geo-restriction, a VPN for Singapore can offer other benefits to a user as well. These benefits include:

  • A more private and secure connection that cannot be invaded by hackers. Since your IP address is hard to see, hackers simply do not know that you are there.
  • Allows you to remain private, so that no one can see what you are doing, not even the government if country regulations are an issue you worry about.
  • Due to the level of security that is added with the use of a VPN, many people find that they are less susceptible to malware and spyware that goes around the Internet.

There are several VPN’s on the market, all of which can offer you servers and IP addresses. However, the top 3 in the world include HideMyAss, IPVanish and Private Internet Access. All of which offer various benefits to the user, and will allow a person to access whatever website they wish to visit, without any repercussions.

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