How to Take Advantage of an Exotic Trip in Singapore

Everyone will tell you that travelling soothes the soul, but you can never spiritually peak from an exotic trip to a place like Singapore unless you cover all your bases. From mainstream activities right down to all those hidden spots you just can’t miss, you’ll feel like the place is yours by the end of it.

Make your time in this bustling Asian metropolis worthwhile by ditching the lazy hotel attitude. Check out some of the activities and must-tries Singapore has to offer.

The exotic nature and all its hidden spots

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Nothing is more symbolic of Singapore than its breathtaking natural landscape. The whole region is covered in the most lavish green scenes, crystal blue waters and much, much more. It’s downright impossible to visit all of these places on one trip, but what you can do is make sure your moments with each of these spectacular spots aren’t fleeting.

Whether your personal preferences include a secluded waterfall spot, unspoilt beaches, or being right in the middle of a vibrantly green forest, make sure you fully immerse yourself in it all and take advantage of your trip. Try island hopping among some of the country’s newest attractions, such as Coney Island, Lazarus Island and Pulau Seringat and go camping for a good few days. There are many camping programs you can join to go out into permitted camping areas all over Singapore, but also many online guides to help you get authorization and do it on your own with your travel buddies. Get away from the city and get in touch with nature – it will certainly do your mind, body and soul some good.

The best way to a country’s heart is through its stomach

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Singapore’s culinary scene is truly like no other – the variety, quality, and flavours you get from the countless options available rival that of France or Italy. It isn’t just their mainstream must-try dishes from popular Malaysian, Chinese, or Thai restaurants, but those exotic, bizarre, or little-known dishes that you just can’t get anywhere else. Nothing helps you better embrace a country than by giving some love to the unexplored. Singapore is definitely full of those – from black chicken to their infamously fragrant fruit, the durian, you’re going to bump into something strange and peculiar at every turn. With a little bravery and an appetite for adventure, you’ll quickly realise that trying out a few local gems will be the most exciting, and tastiest, part of your trip.

Another significant aspect of local cuisine includes the explosive Western-Eastern fusion creations that were born in Singapore. Start-up restaurants and niche dining spots have resulted in a creative and unique mingling of the best of Western and Eastern cuisines. You can take a stroll throughout any borough and discover the best Thai-fusion or purely-Singaporean meals you’ll ever have – or, better yet, have it delivered right to you through Deliveroo – and add a few new gems to your worldly favourite foods list. You can have your pick from the best restaurants from the most random corners of the region and order in when you’re having some downtime recovering at your hotel.

Explore Singapore’s artistic side

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Every country’s young and vibrant spirit comes out most when you explore its local art. Whether it’s street art like graffiti or artefacts in a museum, you don’t quite take a peak at the true heart of Singapore until you see it with your own eyes. For more conventional art, The Parkview Museum is a true hidden gem of Singapore’s art scene. This private gallery showcases the country’s magnificent contemporary art. Walk through some of their most thought-provoking art pieces and get to know the hidden core of Singapore’s creative spirit.

Singapore has gone through a rollercoaster of an arts movement since the 1990s, and you can see its progressions plastered all over the city if you look closely enough. At one of Aliwal Arts Centre’s exhibits, you can get an idea of some of the artistic representations of Singapore’s recent past and other societal elements by artists such as Killer Gerbil, Skope and Syco. The exhibition showcases recreations of graffiti art spotted by longkangs and railway tracks, which have long been removed by authorities. This spot will surely take your breath away as you get a taste for the country’s artistic and historical nature.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you need to get out and explore Singapore past your hotel room or apartment rental. Take advantage of every chance you have to travel, and you’ll thank yourself later. This up-and-coming city is one you will never forget!

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