Best 5 BBQ Caterers in Singapore for Savory Food

BBQ Caterers in SingaporeBBQ cuisines are desired by foodies all around the world. For this reason, BBQ caterers are increasing in numbers. Singapore is no exception when it comes to BBQ food and BBQ catering. Singapore is full of quality and affordable caterers who are well known for their BBQ range. Whether it is a party, dinner or a corporate event, there are loads of options for BBQ catering in Singapore.

BBQ Caterers in Singapore

We have already covered best catering service providers in Singapore. To choose the best BBQ caterer in Singapore from the list of hundreds could be a tiresome task for you. To make it easy for you, we have listed down best 5 BBQ caterers in Singapore.


EZ BBQ has been operating in Singapore since 2004. They rightly find top spot in the list of best 5 BBQ caterers in Singapore. Providing customers with excellent BBQ experience which leaves the taste for some more is their mission. They provide one stop BBQ catering to customers in Singapore, so that there customers can enjoy the quality BBQ food at any time with affordable prices.

EZ BBQ delivers food island-wide, and their food delivery service in Singapore is very helpful to gain customers and retain them. They are also expert in arranging parties at your given venue. They have a dedicated R&D team who help the caterer change with changing needs of customers.

Address: 105 sims avenue, Singapore 387429
Phone: +65 6748 6028
Visit their Facebook Page

2. BBQ Wholesale

BBQ Wholesale is Singapore’s another leading name in BBQ catering domain. They have a wide variety of foods to serve their customers daily. They use fresh and quality ingredients to ensure the perfect quality and taste of cooked food. BBQ wholesale stands up to your expectations regarding BBQ catering needs in Singapore. Visit the website and find about the best food of the month and most favorite food for the month. The journey of BBQ Wholesale started long time ago with an aim to reach the top.

Address: 81 Frankel Ave, Singapore 458209
Phone:+65 6848 6848
Reach out for latest seasonal offers on their Facebook.

3. Mum’s Kitchen

Another leading name in Singapore BBQ catering is Mum’s Kitchen, they deal with different kinds of food, but their specialty is the BBQ food. They have wide range of BBQ items to serve your needs and more. Their food can surely entice your taste buds and will leave you craving more. While selecting a menu for your party or any event you can choose from a wide variety of dishes. If you require some changes and amendments in the menu, you can feel free to discuss it with their representatives. They are professional in what they do and they do it perfectly.

Address: 3015 Bedok North Street 5, #02-06, Shimei East Kitchen, Singapore 486350
Phone:+65 6346 0969
Their Facebook page is always updated with latest deals.

4. BBQ factory

BBQ Factory is a growing name in competition for BBQ catering Singapore. They offer a wide range of ready to cook barbecue food at reasonable prices. They also provide marinated BBQ items which are uncooked. BBQ factory is a fast growing food company in Singapore as people now a day prefers cooked food because it fulfills their need and saves time. The journey began back in 2010 and the company managed to reach a prominent position in very less time. They deliver both the cooked and marinated food in Singapore.

Address: 15 Jalan Tepong, #04-01 Jurong Food Hub, Singapore 619339
Phone:+65 9151 9222
Find them on Facebook

5. CMY Food

CMY Food is a renowned name in the BBQ catering industry of Singapore, the company started officially in the year 1985 with a small stall. CMY provides buffet catering, on site BBQ for different occasions. They also offer BBQ packages and Ala Carte menu to order from. They make food for corporate events, personal occasions, and picnics.

Address: 3017 Bedok North Street 5, Singapore 486121
Phone:+65 6448 3325

Online Options

For the ease of customers, we have also mentioned an online option for you to select the right BBQ catering service in Singapore. You can explore available caterers, read reviews & book or order their services online. Click here to find out more.

Options for BBQ food are never enough but for the person who has never tried any BBQ catering in Singapore, the above listed names for best 5 BBQ caterers in Singapore are there to help you out. If you are interested in Korean food, you can also checkout best Korean BBQ in Singapore. If you are exploring catering options for Halal food, you can checkout Halal Catering Singapore. To recommend a BBQ caterer in Singapore, please add comments below.

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