Turtle Museum in Singapore holds world record for largest Turtle collection

Turtle Museum Singapore
Turtle Museum in Singapore showcase world largest collection of Turtle & Tortoise.

You might have been to museums worldwide that keep history stored in them, but missing a visit to the a museum that holds a Guinness World Record in the collection of turtles and tortoise will be extremely regrettable. Singapore is the home to biggest collection of turtle & tortoise from all over the world and it is indeed fascinating to watch them roam here and there in the Chinese Garden. There are over 1,000 species and 3,000+ different type of turtles & tortoise can be found in the Turtle  Museum in Singapore.

What to expect from the Turtle Museum

Feed The Reptiles

The highlight and the main attraction of turtle museum is the pond and garden. Here you can see different types of turtles and tortoise roaming freely from one place to another. If you are accompanied by kids then they will have a blast feeding these friendly turtle that will walk towards them as soon as they will see a leafy green lettuce in hands.

Make A Wish Turtle

If you are a believer of Chinese culture then an 82 year old turtle awaits you. Follow the signs and you will meet ‘Make A Wish Turtle’. It is indeed a very interesting Chinese culture. Not only the believers but some non-believers also claim that their wishes have come true.

Never Heard Species

This place is full of different types of turtles and tortoise that have been brought over here from all parts of the world. By just reading the names of these reptiles, one feels like watching them live. Some of the interesting species include Alligator Snapping Turtles, Golden Siamese Temple Turtles, and Snake-Necked Turtles that have flown all the way from Australia to become part of this amazing museum. These are just few names which can be found in turtle museum and the list is endless. Go there personally and enjoy watching and feeding them live.

The Live Turtles & Tortoise Museum Singapore
The Live Turtles & Tortoise Museum Singapore

Petting Corner

This is the place especially made for those who wish to get close with some of the types of turtles and tortoise. You can touch them, take them in your hands and pet them. Kids won’t be leaving this area any time soon so parents beware!

Take Me Home Turtles and Tortoise

Don’t be mistaken. You are not allowed to take turtles or tortoise back home but if you really want to make some memories then you can buy some beautiful ornaments and toys that have been designed just like original tortoise and turtles. You can buy these from gifts and souvenir shop located inside the museum.

Specialty & Useful Tips

  1. It is a great way to teach kids the difference between a tortoise and a turtle, and their different species.
  2. Guided tours are also offered so do ask for them.
  3. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen in summers because the heat might give you a sunstroke.

Latest Announcement

It is said that the turtle museum will be relocating by the end of 2013 that will ensure bigger and better facilities for the species as well as for visitors.

Timings & Address

The live turtle & tortoise museum is open daily from 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM.  It is situated on 1 Chinese Garden Road, Singapore. The Chinese Garden is within the walking distance from Chinese Garden MRT.

Similar Attractions

The Turtle Museum in Singapore is a fun attraction for kids and also a great source to learn about different types of turtle & tortoise. Similar attractions to turtle museum includes Jurong Bird Park which carries largest bird collection in the world.  Another notable attraction is S.E.A aquarium in sentosa which is the largest oceanarium in the world and carries largest collection of marine species.

Photo Credit: CYS

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