Singapore War Memorials: In the Memory of Fearless Warriors

Apart from business cum transit passengers, most of the travelers now plan and prefer to come to Singapore for places with utmost luxury, shopping, business meetings and endless fun. Only few People know the fact that Singapore has some War Memorials as well.

Brief War History

In old times when Singaporeans & Malays were living in tribes, they fought three times; once with Japanese invader, secondly in the World War II, and thirdly the Civilian war among each others. Later, they emerged as a united nation; an Independent Singapore with multi-ethnic population.

Spare some time to spend at these Singapore War Memorials as it is worth the experience. If you are on educational trip or with your family, these places have glimpse of the past and some important things to share when recalling your visit to Singapore.

Kranji War Memorial

singapore war memorial Kranji

The Kranji War Memorial was built to commemorate those who died or who were injured while defending Singapore and Malaya against the invading Japanese armed forces during World War II. This war memorial pays tribute to men and women who showed bravery and courage in such terrible situations.

Inside the War Memorial Building, an attention-grabbing monument awaits. It has a number of columns symbolizing the Army of Singapore, Air Force and the Singapore Navy. On the walls of war memorial, the names of 24,000 servicemen whose bodies were never found are imprinted. Kranji War Memorial also has a cemetery where 4,458 graves are laid in a row; each having a headstone with the name of buried person on it. But unfortunately, about 850 of these graves are unidentified.

SGH War Memorial

singapore war memorial at SGH

Located inside the Singapore General Hospital, this Singapore War Memorial was built in remembrance of those Medical Students of King Edwards Medical College, who were killed brutally in the World War II. The war memorial consists of a painted wooden cross attached to a pyramidal granite base. On this monument great words are written which honor the sacrifice made by the group of students.

The burial sites of these students are present at the Kranji War Memorial with their names carved on their headstones as well as on the War Memorial’s walls.

Civilian War Memorial

civilian war memorial singapore

When Japanese armed forces invaded Singapore and wanted to capture it during the World War II, a lot of civilians lost their lives along with the brave army men, who defended the country. According to official reports, about 25,000-50,000 people were killed during this massacre.

In the memory of those fearless souls, the Civilian War Memorial was built. With an impressive architecture, it is located inside the War Memorial Park. The memorial is made up of four identical pillars; each having a height of 70m representing the mutual experiences and unity of the four main races living in Singapore; mainly the Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian.

This Singapore War Memorial has become one of  most legendary heritage milestones. It represents Singapore’s modern day success, harmony and prosperity and also respects the values of a city where multiple races are living together.

The Cenotaph, Singapore

cenotaph war memorial singapore

Located in Esplanade Park, Cenotaph is War II memorial. It was built in remembrance of 124 soldiers who died in the War. A tall concrete structure with granite facade has names of the deceased in four different languages. This Singapore War Memorial is among very few old structures which are still surviving in modern world. Cenotaph building was a post-war tradition in many countries and Singapore is one of them. Park beside the monument is also a place of attraction.

Any person who visits Singapore must go at least once to the War Memorial to pay respect to those who sacrificed their lives in order to save others and understand the hardships and pain through which Singapore suffered during the World War.

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