Singapore Red Dot Design Museum

Red Dot Design Museum Singapore

Singapore has indeed been one of the wonders of the East Asian economic phenomena.  This boom has made it an ideal second host to the Red Dot Design Museum, which exhibits the winners of the Red Dot Design Award.  This award is one of the most prestigious and sought-after design awards in the world, and it receives an average of 11,000 submissions over a span of 61 different countries.  Products are awarded for each category: product design, communication design, and design concept.

Red Dot Design Museum Highlights

The Red Dot Design Museum was set up in November 2005 to showcase the leading trends in business design, and, situated within a growing creative design hub in Singapore, is a wonderful celebration of global innovative creativity. Upon seeing the winning entries, you can truly see how they fulfilled and exceeded the criteria of innovation, functionality, and formal quality. The uniqueness of Red Dot Design Museum put it in the list of the best Singapore Museums.

A Distinctive Mark

The Museum is housed in what used to be the Singaporean Traffic Police Headquarters. It is painted a deep red and stands out startlingly against a background of drab steel, similar to a way an abstract painting’s red dot stands out from the white background.  What makes the building more striking is its colonial-style architecture, which is usually whitewashed.  At night the building’s lighting accentuates its redness, giving it a distinctive and proud glow.

Groundbreaking Ideas on Display

The Red Dot Design Museum has the hallmarks of a contemporary museum because its displays are not just physical objects.  The winners of the award are from a range of categories, such as corporate design, advertising, websites, and games.  There is bound to be something for everyone, for every aesthetic sense!

What are you in for?

The variety of festivals, parties, and exhibitions the Red Dot Design Museum holds makes it impossible to pin down what experience a viewer will have on certain day, for it has earned a reputation for being a lively event venue as well.

  • The event the Museum is the most renowned for, naturally, is the annual Red Dot awarding ceremony itself, which is attended by several notable names in design, business, politics, and culture.

Explore MAAD

The Red Dot Design Museum sponsors MAAD- Market for Artists And Designers- a market for cutting-edge products in the field of design, art, and fashion.  Its exhibition takes place on the first weekend of every month and showcases stalls emerging and well-known designers, as well as live performances such as street art.  Whether you are seeking a product for yourself or your business or would just like to experience how the Museum upholds the spirit of creative inventiveness, MAAD

The Red Dot Design Museum is far more than a showcase of items: it hails the 21st-century fusion of artistry, business, and technology, and serves as the ultimate inspiration to professionals as to what constitutes state-of-the art design.


Singapore Red Dot Design Museum
28 Maxwell Road, Red Dot Traffic
Singapore 069120

Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesday & Friday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (closed on Wednesday & Thursday)
Saturday & Sunday: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Admission Charges:

Adults: $8 per person
Seniors/ Students/ Children (under 12): $4 per person
Free on first weekend of each month for MAAD

During certain events the red dot design museum may be temporarily closed.  For this information as well as information on current events taking place in and around the museum, contact the museum.

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