Singapore City Gallery


Singapore is one of the more interesting places on earth. As an island, a city and a country, it faces challenges that other places don’t, especially with regard to urban planning, land use and civic development. That’s where Singapore City Gallery comes into play.

The gallery features a scale model of Singapore, complete with skyscrapers, buildings, rivers, lakes and natural parklands. The view you get of Singapore city center is the equivalent of looking down upon it from 1600 m above sea level, which means you get that great bird’s eye experience without having to traverse to the top of a high rise.

Visitors to the gallery can also get hands on experience in the urban planning process with interactive exhibits like the Planner’s Table. Here, you can take the reins and see how it feels to make important decisions about Singapore’s land usage and urban improvement, and see the future repercussions of your choices!

Singapore is really a remarkable city in the way it has utilized what little space it has to house millions of people, while still not sacrificing parks and other green spaces. The exhibits in the Singapore City Gallery show you just how that was achieved and what the plans are to keep Singapore beautiful and habitable in the future.

The best time to visit the gallery is around 11 am, when you can partake in the guided tour, ‘Singapore Storeys’ and catch a screening of ‘Discovering the Central Area’, a light and sound show that starts at 1 pm.

Open: 9 am  – 5 pm everyday

Admission: Free

Location: Inside the URA Centre on Maxwell Rd.

Public Transport: Take the MRT to Tanjong Pagar.