Royal Selangor Pewter Museum Singapore

Who would have imagined that there would be a museum devoted to items of pewter? In the case of pewter, however, the cause is more than justified: the Royal Selangor Pewter Museum displays the finest pewter objects Southeast Asia is renowned for. Along with a display of different kinds of pewters, the museum also has demonstrations of various processes of making those items as well.

Several people ask what pewter is: it is a combination of tin, antimony, and copper that results in a material unique to this region. It was used most extensively before the advent of glass. The material, however, is ideal for making artifacts and decorative objects and is widely practiced as a craft today. Royal Selangor is a group renowned for its pewter making, and the Royal Selangor Pewter Museum displays over 800 of its signature gift and tableware pieces.

Among the pewter items showcased in this museum are Chinese oil lamps, utensils, tobacco boxes, and vases. Some especially ornately decorated items, you will note, are intended for ceremonial use. Southeast Asian pewter items are decorated with beautiful distinctive lotus-motifs, designs that set the pewter items completely apart from their British counterparts. The different tools used throughout history to mold this material are also on display.

Witness a craft in action
The Royal Selangor Pewter Museum, along with its static displays, also has various demonstrations of pewter-making. Making these items is a traditional art with no comparable modern processes, and it is fascinating to see the alchemy and molding of various objects. You will see that the tools used in this process are virtually the same as the historic artifacts on display.

The craft-minded and the artistically inclined will love this museum for its functional and decorative items. Indeed, history should be commemorated not just by remarkable places or people, but the artifacts of day-to-day lives. By showcasing pewter items and the methods of making them, the Royal Selangor Pewter Museum celebrates a craft that has evolved to produce unique items. See this craft displayed and take home a complementary pewter coin as a souvenir! The Royal Selangor Pewter Museum also has its own souvenir shop with various trinkets to remind you of the beautiful work you saw there.

Royal Selangor Pewter Museum
32 Pandan Road,
Singapore 609279
Tel: (+65) 6268 6300

Opening Hours:
8.30 am to 5.30 pm, everyday

$2 per person

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