Republic of Singapore Navy Museum

Another commemoration of military might worth seeing is the Republic of Singapore Navy Museum. First opened in 1987 and recently re-opened last year after renovations, the museum displays the history of Singapore’s naval forces as well as its development. Among the items exhibit include historic relics, such as photographs and antique marine equipment.

Given that Singapore surrounded entirely by water, you can trust that no expense or research has been spared in strengthening its naval defense. This museum is the story of Singaporean naval development until today and its heritage that has been carried on since its inception. It is bound to capture military enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike and will certainly be a fascinating tour for children as well!

Board the ship

The building housing the museum dates back to pre-World War II days, used as barracks for the navy then. One of the most memorable aspects of the museum is its interior that transports you to another world of military rigidity and stealth: it is designed like the inside of ship, complete with potholes and narrow walkways!

Experience the history of Singapore’s military sea ventures

The display contains several historical artifacts from the whole history of Singapore’s naval development, from 1934, when it started as the Royal Naval Volunteer reserves, to the present day. Detailed pictorial narratives along with models and nautical cartophic documents present you the story as a whole.

Along with various historical marine equipment and photographs are the range of missile vessels, planes, submarines, and various assets of the current navy that enables it to detect threats underwater, on the surface, or in the air.

Beyond the displays

Several 3D depictions of the Singapore Navy provide an enthralling viewing experience for visitors. Shows depict several kinds of naval combat that are bound to take your breath away! Other interesting simulations include that of a ship-handling on mock-up bridge and a submarine control room with a periscope.

For centuries, the sea has served as an avenue for travel, warfare, and exploration; the 20th century has seen unprecedented developments in naval technology that the Singapore Navy fully employs. Seeing and experiencing the Republic of Singapore Navy Museum will truly make its history and capability come alive for you.

Republic of Singapore Navy Museum
32 Admiralty Road West, Endurance Block,
Sembawang Camp, Singapore 759959
Tel: (+65) 67505585 or 65)67505655

Opening Hours:
8.30 am to 5.00 pm, Mon-Fri. Closed on public holidays.

Free! However, do take your passport with you.

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