Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum

Little boasts of a nation’s might more than the extensive power of its aviation, and Singapore’s official Air Force Museum has been created in light of this. A must-see for aviation enthusiasts, the museum showcases the history of the Republic of Singapore Air Force through its warplanes, badges, caps, and other memorabilia all the way back from 1927. The museum was first opened in Changi in 1988. It then moved to its present location in Paya Lebar in 2001.

A Colossus of History

Upon walking into the entrance of the Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum, you will marvel at its sheer size and welcoming display of RSAF memorabilia. The Museum is spread over more than 10,000 square meters, consisting of an outdoor gallery and indoor galleries on 2 levels.

The outdoor gallery makes complete use of its space, displaying massive aircrafts on the ground as well as suspended from the air. Some particularly salient planes include the historic Hawker Hunter and the SF-260 Marchetti. There are even some newer acquisitions of aircrafts on display, such as the A4-S Skyhawk and the UH-1B Helicopter. Other attractions include air defense artillery such as the Bloodhound Missile, and powerful noteworthy engines such as the Rolls Royce Bristol Viper.

Experience Aviation History a whole

The study of military equipment has fascinated experts and enthusiasts greatly in normal times. Along with displays of historical as well as contemporary aircraft and artillery, the museum also displays information on the history of aviation as well. These details are really brought to life with supplementary artifacts such as honorary badges and caps indicating mark within the air force. Other air defense artillery including the Bloodhound Missiles and aircraft armament are also on exhibit.

In addition to mounted displays, there are also interactive displays and audio-visual dioramas in the Museum’s galleries that truly bring aviation might to life.

Everything there is to know about RSAF

The Republic of Singapore’s Air Force Museum’s galleries showcases more memorabilia. All of the galleries are divided into more aspects of the RSAF’s history:

  • Gallery 1, Overview: This gallery provides a very short history of the historical development of the RSAF. An interactive historical timeline outlines the various technological aviation models the RSAF gained over the years, with the help of miniature models.
  • Gallery 2, Pre-SADC: SADC refers to the Singapore Air Defense Command. Before this order was in place, the dominant air force was the Royal Air Force. This gallery focuses on memorabilia featuring this former defense institution and how it lead to the creation of the SADC in the late 1970s.
  • Gallery 3, SADC: In this gallery outlines the development of the SADC itself. This development period, which took place from 1968 to 1975, oversaw a great growth of the Air Force’s inventory and facilities. Other advancements also include that of Air Traffic Control and the initiation of the Flying Training School.
  • Gallery 4, RSAF- Early Period: This gallery, using displays such as models of achievements and records of acquisitions, details the gradual formation of the RSAF from the SADC.
  • Gallery 5, RSAF Development: To exemplify the extent of the build-up of the Republic of Singapore Air Force, this gallery has a variety of achievements from the 1980s into the 1990s. This gallery is the most memorable for a diorama of the RSAF’s first flight simulators…a dream for aviation enthusiasts!
  • Gallery 6, RSAF Operations: The operation controls shown in this gallery let you see how different units are weaved together to constitute a strong air defense. Examples include the air traffic control tower as well as the air radar unit operation room.
  • Gallery 7, RSAF Today: How does modern technology combine with the centuries-old art of defense in the RSAF? The answer can be found in this gallery, where the viewer sees the advanced technology helps coordination between different bases of the Air Force. The role of RSAF today is also shown in terms of its involvement in various large-scale events.
  • Gallery 8,: This gallery highlights the significant international role of the RSAF by displaying its historical bilateral exercises with other countries.
  • History of Aviation Exhibit: A display that several visitors have pronounced the most remarkable of all, this gallery is devoted to the aviation as whole, detailing its development from the very first flight back in the 1900s.

This museum is far more than just a showcase of history: it hails technological achievements that have literally taken men further than ever before. Go see the Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum and see how these advancements have shaped history.

400 Airport Road, Paya Lebar Airbase,
Singapore 534234
Tel: (+65) 6461 8507

Opening Hours:
8.30 am to 5.00 pm, Tue – Sun. Closed on public holidays.

Free! However, do take your passport with you.

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