National University of Singapore Museum


The national University of Singapore Museum is located alongside peaceful surroundings Near the National University of Singapore. This museum offers a memorable journey for anyone who is

Situated amidst serene surroundings at Kent Ridge Crescent close to the National University of Singapore, NUS museum offers a superb experience for anyone seeking a taste of ancient culture and modern-day artworks of Asia. Watch China’s 7,000 years of rich ethnicity unfold before your eyes as a spectacular anthology of ceramics, paintings, calligraphy, jade and bronzes tells the story behind one of the world’s greatest civilizations. Admire the beautiful display of South and Southeast Asian art pieces. Catch the most comprehensive collection of works by Singapore’s leading sculptor, Ng Eng Teng.

The NUS museum is also next to the University Cultural Centre, a performing arts hall which showcases spectacular performances. Plan an evening at KentRidge and immerse yourself in the arts experience there.

Contributors: Ng Eng Teng

A painter by the name of Ng Eng Teng has paved the way to showcase his craftsmanship at the National University of Singapore Museum. He is also a potter by heart but most renowned for his sculptural subjects showcasing he humanist themes. He is one of the beneficiaries of the artist’s generous donations. The National University Of Singapore Museum is holding over a thousand of NG’s works including paintings, sketches pottery, figurines and most especially, the sculptures.

Lee Kong Chian Collection

Ways of seeing Chinese Art. Contemplating the core strength of the Chinese collection of the Museum, The Ways of seeing Chinese Art has been regenerated. The major kilns in china produced over 100 ceramic objects from prehistory to the modern-day 20th century represent wares. This gallery showcases a complete history of Chinese ceramic art which definitely promotes the depth of the museum’s Chinese ceramic collection. Over 200 subjects and objects are on display, showcasing the collection of the great Lee Kong Chian.

South and South East Asian Collection

The UniversityArt Museum (originator of NUS Museum) was inaugurated in 1955 at the University of Malaya, country of Singapore. The anthology was influential in terms o the teaching and study of Art History. It is presented in three sections:

  1. Engagement
  2. Memory
  3. Imagination

These galleries promote artistic interactions with personal and collective memory. It also showcases the relationship between man and the physical space, cultural imagination and its practice. Through every forms of Art like paintings, sketches, drawings and photographs; in each and every wall of the museum, it reflects the framework for reconnections with teaching and learning of architectural and urban history.

Psych Taxonomy of Home

This task investigates the representation and role of domestic spaces s well as objects. Visitors are encourage to explore the first two floors of the house with all the decorative iconographies straight up to the third floor exhibit to make a merging experience with their personal notes and general experiences.

Craft Communities in Contemporary India

A risk of showcasing the contemporary and modern craft cultures in the prime cities in India, this gallery pave the continuity in practice, ideas and issues with regards to the livelihood of art craft. They showcase artifacts from South East Asian Collection.

NationalUniversity of SingaporeMuseum is indeed one of the heart and soul of the history of Singapore. Dare to witness the abundance of Singapore’s history through this Museum which serves as a mirror to the past memories of this country.