Malay Heritage Centre Singapore

Malay Heritage Centre Singapore

Malay Heritage Centre is an initiative of the government of Singapore, who believe that each and every ethnic community in Singapore is entitled to have their own heritage centre. This is a collaboration of all the treasures, cultures and traditions of different ethnic groups compiled into one hall.

We cannot deny the fact that Singapore is one of the countries in Asia whose development increases rapidly. Not to mention all the technological advancements and innovations, as well as the globalization; the recognition of the cultures and traditions of the nations group was slowly being ignored.

On 1999, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, initiated the idea of compiling all the heritage of all the ethnic groups in Singapore and to encourage each and every ethnic community in Singapore to promote and showcase their cultures and traditions, practices and norms, giving them the right to preserve their own identities and values as a group. Malay Heritage Centre is the creation of the idea.


Malay Heritage Centre Foundation

The Malay Heritage Centre Foundation was designated to take charge for the enhancement of the Malay Heritage Centre. This Institution has electrified the proficiency and sustenance of many divisions of the Malay and Singapore Community, its government agencies as well as the business sectors. The foundation’s objective is to formulate a modern-day heritage venue that will make the country of Singapore proud.

Kampong Glam

Malay is said to be the second largest ethnic community in Singapore. It comprises 15% of the population of the whole nation. The government decided the Istana Kampong Glam with the foundation’s proposal to be the nesting place of the Malay Heritage. Kampong Glam management district gives guests a entirety and exceptional understanding of being in a Malay world. Kampong Glam is truthfully an exclusive heritage destination positioned right at the heart of a bustling city district.

Malay Heritage Centre

Gedung Kuning

This site was built in 1860 and was believed to have been especially made for Tengku Mahmoud, grandson of Sultan Hussein, The significance of the yellow color supports the connection and relationship between the Royal Family and the building itself. In 1907, it was sold to a rich Malay Business man by the name of  Hj Yusuf Tali Pinggang. He made this center into an intricate place where in it complements the structure itself with the stained glass that was installed.

Malay Heritage Centre Attractions

The building was subdivided into 9 galleries situated in both floors of the Istana Kampong Glam. This will showcase the history of the Singapore Malays, their roots, development and their responsibility in Singapore’s Nation building.

The first floor comprises of 5 artistic galleries. The gallery foyer; this depicts the maritime culture of the Malays in Singapore.  It is highly supported with an audio visual presentation which promotes the rich diversity of the Malays. The gallery Johor Riau Lingga Kingdom; this gallery captures the unique aspects of the kingdom and the colonial norms of the Malays.

Malay Heritage Centre

Another gallery is a unique three-dimensional model of the Malay settlement in Singapore. The next gallery is the Kampong Glam as the center of the Literacy and Pilgrimage. This is the Hub of the Islamic learning of the Malays in Singapore. And the last of the 5 galleries in the fist floor is the kampong Glam Art site. The main focus here is the mural painting that depicts the tragic fire at Kampong Glam that happened in the mid 1900s.

The second floor completes the rest of the four galleries remaining. There’ a gallery for Malay Cultural expression which promotes the Malay’ cultural activities in the Japanese Occupation. There’s a gallery for the Independence and the road to Nationhood. Another is a gallery mainly for the Malay community on the first half of the 19th century. And the last of the unique gallery is the merging of the Malays and Singapore’s cultural religious society. With the help of multimedia interactive scheme, festivals, customs, and aspirations are all captured for the viewing public.

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