Images of Singapore | Serves as a Mirror to this Rich Country

Images of Singapore is a prized historical gallery that showcases the customs and history of Singapore with the use of interactive multimedia displays, and theatrical presentations with life-sized montages touching significant event in the history of Singapore.

The Images of Singapore museum is situated in Imbiah lookout, Sentosa, Singapore. This is just adjacent to the Singapore Cable Car stop at Sentosa and the Merlion. This gallery promotes a chronological history of Singapore reflecting the early years to the modern day way of life. There are enormous exhibits covering the time when the British are still in the country of Singapore.


The award, “Best reinvention of a CulturalHeritageCenter”, by Thea awards, was won by the Images of Singapore museum in the year 2006 because of their renovation a year prior to the awarding ceremony.

The attest addition to its highlights, Festivals of Singapore, is another interactive life-sized diorama that depicts few of the major feasts and traditions of the Asian Culture, particularly Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan.

Three Main Parts of The Museum

Going to the Images of Singapore Museum is indeed one of the main reasons on why you should come to Sentosa. It’s a known fact that this is museum plays a very important role in the productivity of Sentosa. There are three main divisions of the gallery.

  • Pioneers of Singapore
  • The surrender Chambers
  • Festivals of Singapore

Pioneers of Singapore is a collection of beautifully crafted life-sized dioramas that utilizes figures like Tan Cock Seng, Sir Stamford Raffles,Sultan Hussein,  and Naraina Pillai. These are the names who played a significant role in the history of Singapore. The one that also catches attention are the dioramas that showcases sense from a regular day to day activities of the different cultures as they nested during the colonial times.

There came a time that the Surrender of Chambers was translated to Sentosa Wax Museum, but it didn’t made an impact to the public for a simple reason that there are more to Surrender of Chambers than that of a Wax Museum. The gallery paves your way to the real footages, photographs, maps, and recordings of the survivors from the Pacific Theater Activity of the World War II and the Japanese regime in Singapore. And so to speak, the main event is the Wax Museum which depicts the scene of the “British Surrender” and the “Japanese Surrender”.

The last of the three categories if the Festivals of Singapore that showcases the festivities and happenings in relation to the Asian culture that has mainly influenced the country of Singapore.

Images of Singapore Shop

Take a piece of Singapore embedded in your memories of your trip in the Images of Singapore. The Images of Singapore shop sells wide array of memorabilia from games to garments, souvenirs from all ethnic groups and a widespread compilation of books touching all the topics from food to fun.

Witness the magic come to life and Singapore’s history unfolding. In this place, legend, myth and folklore unravels only for the visitors to experience the interactive way of immersing to Singapore’s culture. Images of Singapore are an odyssey leading to the path of history – a position where civilizing mixture, unison of values, escapade, urgency and nobility unites like nowhere else in the world can. A must-see place for everyone!

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