Art Retreat Museum of Singapore


In a world where industrial revolution arises, there lies a solemnity, safe haven for reflecting considered as art retreat. This sanctuary is embedded in the middle of loud noise and hustling clicks of factories. Endowed by an Indonesian art icon, Kwee Swie Teng in the year 2003, this gallery possesses such great works classified in the Asian and European art. This place is known for its intricate details that demonstrate a wide array of perpetual art designs. This art retreat Museum is devoted to the positive reception and accumulation of works of art, through exhibition, edification and exploration.

The building’s walls and grounds reflect a profound and detailed retreat museum while its ambiance makes it abundantly rich in cultural legacy. The Art Retreat Museum is presently unfastened to visitors and locals in Singapore, giving them an opportunity to witness and be immersed in the paramount of the nation’s artistic and edifying birthright. Galleries are open to the viewing public every day at Ubi Techpark from 11:00 (local time) to 18:00 except on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays. Spectators will have the prospect to ascertain an immeasurable array of Indonesian art and artifacts with definitely no fees.


The Art Retreat Museum at large is subdivided in t two main galleries; the first one is the main gallery, which comprises of the tentative travelling works of art as well as the native exposition of indigenous artifacts. This also includes the exhibitions that has been known to man and has been seen in the four corners of the world. These exhibits come and go and will be replaced anytime when there is a new set of exhibits.

The second phase of the building is the Wu Guanzhong gallery, which is considered to be the bread and butter of the museum. This is an on going exhibit that showcases the enormous works and genius output of one of the greatest artists in Asia, Wu Guanzhong.

This gallery is the prime mover of this non-profit museum.

Some of the artist’s popular works are in Two Swallows, Chinese Cypress and Old Residence of Qiu Jin. They are really indeed an amazing work of Art.

WU GUANZHONG – the Artist

Artist, Wu Guanzhong is a leading master in modern-day Chinese painting. His unique painting approach lucratively incorporated Western method of abstraction, is both Chinese in viewpoint and contemporary in formation. He is a genius artist who has in print loads of anthologies of compositions and quite a lot of painting compilations, Wu is considered as one of the few Chinese artists to have recognized a standing both in Asia and in the West. In 1992, his works of art were compiled at the British Museum; the foremost instance such to an admiration has been harmoniously accorded to a living Chinese artist.

He was born in the town of Yixing, Jiangsu Province, in the year 1919. While in the year 1936, he took up his schooling at the National Arts Academy of Hangzhou, touching both Chinese and Western painting. He also traveled back and forth from Asia to Europe to propagate and upgrade his talents.

Nowadays, we look at him with a special high regard on his works. The works of art of this great man has found a nesting place in this Art retreat museum. Visit The Art Retreat Museum and relive the Golden Days of Wu Guanzhong. It’s truly a remarkable way of putting one’s work into perspective, depicted within the strokes of the brush and the tint of the ink.