Army Museum of Singapore | Capturing Singapore Army and Its Heritage



Safeguarding the tradition and inheritance of the Singapore Army, likewise, recognizing the ultimate involvement of their armed forces, this collection of anthology compiled in an edifice, is truly a milestone in the country of Singapore. It aims to incarcerate and bring the stories of ordinary people with extraordinary experiences back in to life.

This is a product of all the people involved in the Singapore National Defense, from the Army to the National Servicemen. Family members including the retirees also stage tribute to remember the marksmanship of the defenders of the country. The Army Museum of Singapore is the result of the heritage, being preserved and compiled; manifested in each and every corner of the Museum. The Army Museum of Singapore takes you on an expedition from the chaotic days of our pre-independence era to the current-day potentiality of the modern-day defenders. It commemorates the astonishing involvements of average men who played an essential component in securing the homeland.


The building is nestled in a strategic structure, particularly a three-storey building which signifies the growth of the Army as the years go by. The memories are concentrated in a total of six galleries, for the visitors to witness the development of the Army of Singapore from their plain influential years to the present. From the memorabilia to the collection of keepsakes that belong to the former Army, a replica of their training bunk, vintage guns and ammunitions, old uniforms and patches, the medals that were products of success, visitors from all walks of life learn to appreciate and learn about this men’s lives and their army kind of living.

Newly launched in 2007, the SingaporeArmyMuseum was constructed to uphold the legacy of the Singapore Army, and as a salute to Singaporeans who worked for and are working for the National Service.

Entertainment and Features

The museum interactive theater also plays two multimedia shows, the titles are:

  • Our Army Now
  • A Day in the Life…

This entertainment manifests special effects to present to the visitors our army’s skills as well as supply an insight of an every day life of a soldier.

Familiarize yourself with the authority and strength of our army while they unleash their full potential onto the enemy when peacekeeping and prevention falls short. Throw yourself into these combat scenes and experience the downwash of the UH1H, the fiery bang of the M114 artillery pistol and the blow of the AMX13 SM1 tanks via our special effects theatre.

Discover our outside display that showcases our military hardware and the turf expertise exercise that our soldiers went through. Lead your kids through the mini-obstacle course in their AdventureLand to bestow them a flavor of how our soldiers are coached for combat endurance and stamina.

One of the attention-grabbing highlights of the museum is the electronic rifle range. This is an interactive place wherein visitors can acquire a feel of what it is like to shoot using the variety of weapons utilized by the army.

In the outside area of the museum, you can also witness a wide array of military vehicles on display. From the vintage caliber to the modern day vehicles, it usually reflects the development and abundance of the Army of Singapore.