SEA Aquarium: World’s Largest Aquarium Locks Up Underwater Magic in Majestic Diversity

Sharing the extensions of Marine Life Park in the Resort World Sentosa, SEA Aquarium provides the first and only chance to delve 100,000 marine animals under one roof. The SEA Aquarium congregates all the animals by a division of geography and species, which are 800 in total. The SEA Aquarium is divided into 10 zones and 49 habitats.

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Scoop Out the World of Waters and its Habitats

SEA Aquarium offers incomparable experiences at its all levels; each totally different, more innovative and more unexpected.

  • Come Face to Face With Sharks and Jelly Fish

The entrance of SEA Aquarium is an underwater tunnel, the voyage extends up to the Discovery Touch Pool, where people can touch the beautiful jellyfish and feel the smoothness of starfish. Providing an unparalleled experience of being surrounded by sharks and other enormous marine species, the glass tunnel is surrounded by fantasizing lights, captivating animal species and blue waters on 360 degrees.

  • Mesmerize Your Soul with Open Ocean Habitat

Just at the center of the SEA Aquarium waits an enormous flat LCD screen that boasts the world’s largest digital viewing panel. The panel also serves to psychologically soothe the disappointed with a vision of hope and better opportunities.

  • Feed The Fish with Love From Other Lands

Next to the LCD screen stands a 36 meter wide and 8.3 meter tall water tank filled with beautiful fish, vibrant plants and many other small marine animals. Pour the love of your land in your palms and feed the little creatures.

  • Remember Finding Nemo

The enormous tank is stuffed with lots of clown fish, which remind every tourist of the infamous movie Finding Nemo. These beautiful fish offer a captivating smile to the tourists.

  • Meet the Horrendous Manta Ray

Keep your focus maintained on the LCD screen and watch Manta Ray paving its way through the waters. Other astounding species following the Manta Ray are Moray eels, giant lobsters, sea urchins and many others.

  • View the Shipwreck in the Depths of Oceans

An enormous wooden shipwreck is placed in the depths of the waters, as if resting in the ocean basins. The school of fish floats over the wreck and makes the aquatic fervors preeminent.

5 Things to Do at S.E.A Aquarium

  1. Have a close look to the transparent jellyfish.
  2. Meet the unknown species of Dumbo Octopus and Cock-eye Squid.
  3. Carry the jellyfish in your palms from the discovery Touch Pool and embrace the ecstasy of pure marine love.
  4. Feed the fish and other marine animals in the security of the humongous water tank.
  5. Remember, no photos are allowed at tank. But don’t wait in other parts. Click as many times as you want and rejuvenate yourself with the pleasure-giving moments later on.

Tips to Visit the SEA Aquarium

Weekdays are ideal to visit the SEA Aquarium so that you may not be sucked into tourist packing.

Spare 3 to 4 hours for the aquarium. The best time is to visit the opening hour.

Location Guidelines

SEA aquarium is located at Sentosa Island in Resort World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway. A free tourist shuttle moves for hotel guests. You can also reach by taking any of bus numbers 10, 30, 65, 80, 93, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145, 166, 18 and 855. Then get into RWS 8 to reach 8 Sentosa Gateway.

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