Watch Hawks and Eagles in Action in Kings of the Skies Show

Kings of the Skies Show in Jurong Bird Park
Kings of the Skies Show in Jurong Bird Park

If cats can ramp, why can’t the birds? At Jurong Bird Park you can catch Kings of the Skies Show where eagles and hawks present their skills to the visitors every day. The visitors can enjoy this unique show between 10 am to 4 pm.

Kings of the Skies Show

Preying is the instinct of some birds including falcons, hawks, eagles and owls. At the Jurong Bird Park, you will witness some of amazing stunts by these birds as they set to flight from the hands of falconers. Now almost rare, art of falconry is greatly manifested at the Kings of the Skies Show. It is quite fascinating plus lingering to see Mongolian Falconer with his Hawk on the back of horse.

Be a Falconer

You cannot only see the falconers play with their hawks and falcons, but also you can try to take part in the show in one of two ways. You can either dare to take the falcon in your hands during the show, or you can also take part in the program of ‘Be a Falconer’ at the Jurong Bird Park.

In the official website of Jurong Bird Park, it is mentioned that “Be a Falconer” program is currently not operational due to some technical issues. We will update you once the program is back for visitors again.

Species at the Kings of Skies Show

Different species of birds are displayed in the show. Some of these include Bald Eagle, Malay Fish Owl, Snowy Owl and the Eurasian Eagle Owl. Normally, you will hesitate interacting with these species but Kings of the Skies Show is unique in a way that it let’s you interacts with these wild birdies in a safe envoirnment.

Do share your experiences with us if you had visited this unique show by adding comments below.

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