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Underwater World Sentosa Interesting Facts:

  • Opened in 1991 and owned by HawPar Corporation.
  • Located on the offshore Singapore island of Sentosa.
  • Houses more than 2,500 marine animals of 250 species.
  • Welcomed their 8,888,888th visitor in 1996.
  • Held their first Underwater wedding in 1998.

Underwater World Sentosa Singapore is above and beyond just an oceanarium!

Have you ever wanted to attend a marriage (or get married) overseas?  Then suggest to your friends and family this Singapore tourist attraction!  Underwater World Sentosa has been offering overseas couples marriage ceremonies since 2005!  Extreme marriage ceremonies are not Underwater World Sentosa only attraction to thousands of tourists every year however.  During the Chinese Lunar New Year of 2004, Under water World Sentosa Singapore held the first underwater Lion Dance performance in an aquarium!  Jumping forward a few years, visitors to Underwater World Sentosa in 2007 were able to use the Mystical Anti Gravity Interactive Concept Tank (MAGIC-T) to feed fishes through openings without any water leaking out. In 2008, Underwater World Sentosa added the “Ocean Invaders” exhibit where visitors can keep dry during their ocean exploring by using remotely operated vehicles.  Special presentations have been planned each year, since 2003, and your visit will have you wanting to come back for more!

Sharing the world below water is all about conservation!

Underwater World Singapore’s signature slogan is “Blue Mission – Inspire, Educate, Conserve” and Underwater World would not exist if the people behind it did not care about the conservation of marine life.  They released sea turtles in 2002 for World Environment Day and in 2004 they collaborated with the WWF on coral conservation.  Scuba diving and marine life enthusiasts can appreciate this perspective, and all visitors will have fun experiencing the programs that Underwater World has to offer:

  • “Marine Discovery” – see stingrays up close and in person.
  • “Dive with the Sharks” – watch these beautiful creatures all around you.
  • “Dive with Dugong” – accompany Gracie in her Dugong Cove.
  • “Swim with the Dolphins” – join humpback dolphins in their pink splendor.

There are many environmental projects that provide Underwater World the ability to educate their visitors about respecting the sea, while also enjoying a break from their main land life.  School children can learn through programs like Living in the Ocean Sleepover and Ocean Ambassador, while people of all ages can enjoy “Meet-the-Dolphin” sessions and Underwater World Sentosa feeding times for the Turtle Pool, Touch Pool, Vertical Tube, Living Fossils, Reef Colony, Ocean Colony, and Crabs Display.

Invite sharks to your next get together!

Underwater World offers “Dinner with the Sharks” on their moving travelator (that moves along an 83 meter long, 6.0 mm thick, acrylic-windowed tunnel).  But if eating below sharks doesn’t “float your boat” then you can visit the Dolphin Café (located next to the Dolphin Lagoon entrance) for some fish & chips, burgers, sodas, hot-dogs, smoothies and juices.  There is also Palm’s Café, which is above ground and outside the exit of Underwater World Singapore, and it offers local and international dishes.

For something refreshing, the Cool Stop sells many local desserts along with their finger foods.  For hot dog lovers, the Hot Dog King has a kiosk right behind the bus stop for Underwater World Singapore.

Redefine what a foot pedicure means to you!

Although a foot pedicure is what you would least expect to exist at an oceanarium, Underwater World Sentosa offers one that will break your assumptions of what a spa-like experience should be.  Called “Fish Reflexology”, little Turkish fish will exfoliate your feet by nibbling only on the dead skin that covers your smooth and healthy feet underneath, followed by a foot massage by personnel.  Make it a group thing as there is plenty of room for more than one person’s pair of feet in the warm pool.  Don’t forget that you can also request a head and shoulder massage!

Will you be visiting Singapore soon?

Underwater World Sentosa is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. Underwater World Sentosa would be a great addition to your itinerary.

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