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Top 5 Places to Relax In Singapore when Feeling Exhausted

Places to Relax in Singapore

There is so much to see & do in Singapore that it’s normal for a tourist to feel tired at times. You also want to escape from the city buzz & seek places where you can relax and chill for a while. Parks & gardens sound great as you can feel close to the nature. There is more in Singapore for you to feel relax other then parks & gardens and we have covered the options in detail below.

Top 5 Places to Relax in Singapore

In Singapore you can find places that may intrigue you like amusement parks, adventure parks, shopping malls etc. But all these places are bustling with life and noise. After spending an exhausting day, one needs a place to relax the minds, chill and rejuvenate the souls.

If you are a nature person then there are plenty of parks & gardens in Singapore which provides serene ambiance and are the best places to relax in Singapore. The parks are scattered all over Singapore so you will be able to find one nearby. Singapore also has a good library system and there are more then dozen public libraries, which are also a good place to relax while holding a book in your hand. There are also great places in Singapore for camping.

Here is the list of top 5 places to relax in Singapore. Select the ones that suit your mood the best.

Indulge Yourself in a Book

Inside view of Earshot Cafe in the Arts House Singapore
Inside view of Earshot Cafe in the Arts House Singapore

A book lover knows that how much loneliness can entangle him if he doesn’t read a single sentence. Singaporeans are also fond of reading. You will find people reading books almost everywhere.  The Book Café is specialized in providing food for souls. This place offers you a cozy and comfortable environment where you can sit on a couch in a chilled environment and read a good book while sipping your coffee. The infrastructure is powered by hi-tech computer systems where you can connect with your friends and families or work on business stuff. You can munch on some snacks while relaxing here. The best part is that all the facilities and luxuries are provided at very reasonable rates.

Apart from the Book Cafe you can also visit any branch of Singapore Library which are spread across the island. The main branch of Singapore Library is in Bugis within the walking distance of Bugis MRT. There are no charges of entering the library and reading the books. Here is a list of all branches of Singapore Library.

One last place to mention is Earshot Cafe in the Arts House Singapore. It is a concept space dedicated to promote Singapore books, films and music. So, you can sit in a cosy environment, relax and learn about Singapore as well.

If you’re a book lover then the above mentioned places can be a good pick for places to relax in Singapore for you.

Parks and Gardens

This shelter can be seen near Eco Lake in Botanic Gardens
This shelter can be seen near Eco Lake in Botanic Gardens

While some people find pleasure in reading books, others like to enjoy the scenic and natural beauty of the gardens and parks. You may find large number of parks in Singapore where there are no entry charges, that means you can go and spend as much time you want with yourself. Botanic Gardens and Mandai Orchid Garden are the ones that offer a deep glance at nature. Take a stroll or sit down in one of the benches, the scene in front of you will surely please you.

Other recommendation of parks and gardens in Singapore includes the famous Gardens by the Bay on Marina Bay and Chinese Garden nearby Jurong area. If you’re nearby HarbourFront area then you can also visit HotPark Garden and try your camera skills to capture the Southern Ridges.

You can also visit our Parks and Gardens section and pick among places to relax in Singapore for yourself.

Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Art Museum building on Bras Basah Road
Singapore Art Museum building on Bras Basah Road

Apart from organizing monthly and annual art exhibitions, Singapore Art Museum also owns an art gallery which is open throughout the year. It contains astounding pieces of art from threads to metal and mud work. The beautiful infrastructure makes the environment soothing and very relieving. You will also find many friends from all around the world, who share common love of art with you. Exhibitions are held almost throughout the year.

You can also visit our museum section to pick one of the museum and keep it in your places to relax in Singapore list.

Soak Up The Sun

Man-made beach at West Coast Park among top 5 places to relax in Singapore
Man-made beach at West Coast Park among top 5 places to relax in Singapore

Beaches are the best place if you truly want to spend some relaxing time with yourself. In Singapore you will find some great sandy beaches like beaches of Sentosa, Palawan beach, Siloso beach, East Coast and others like Pulau Ubin where you can lie down and hear the waves gushing forward and backwards. One of the best part of spending time on the beach is that by the end of the day you get to enjoy a spectacular view of sun going down with a promise of coming back tomorrow again. Beaches are certainly best places to relax in Singapore.

You can also visit our camping in Singapore section where we have listed five quiet places to camp in Singapore.


During the farm tour in Singapore
During the farm tour in Singapore

If you feel that you have seen and enjoyed enough of the city life in Singapore, then it is time to head towards quiet and calm life of farms. In Singapore you may come across various farms like Duck Farms, Rice Farms, Frog Farms, Dairy Farms, Fire Flies Health Farm and many more. These farms not only provide an escape from a bustling city life but are also a great source of information that you would surely want your kids to know. This time when you want to relax, go to one of these farms and enjoy the day learning about the farming ways you have never heard of before.

Apart from these aforementioned top 5 places to relax in Singapore, you can also try spas. No matter what type of treatment relaxes you, Singaporean spas have it all.

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