Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa Offers Singapore’s 360 Degree Panoramic View

Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa
Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa gives 360 panaromic view

Singapore’s beauty can never be captivated in a single glimpse. You need days to explore every bit of this vibrant city. However; have you ever thought of catching Singapore’s 360 degree panoramic view? If yes, then mark Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa as your first destination on Singapore tour!

Tiger Sky Tower Highlights

The Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa was known as Carlsberg Sky Tower a few years ago. The construction of this tower was completed in 2004 with a basic theme of making it the Singapore one view destination. The ownership of tower is held by C. Melchers GmbH and Co. However; in 2008, the sponsorship was handed over to Tiger Beer.

Construction and Design

This 36 floor tower is 131 meters above the sea level. A stronger view can also lead your speculations to the neighboring Malaysian and Indonesian lands. The tower diameter is around 2.5 meters whereas; the foundation diameter is 15 meters.

Around 72 people can be accommodated in the tower cabin at a time. The Resorts World Sentosa can also be directly viewed from the tower heights.

Exclusive Entertainment

Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa is also available for corporate celebrations, evening meetings, events, launch parties, weddings, wedding photography and a lot of other activities.

Visit Time

Tiger Sky Tower is suitable for people of all ages. There are no security hazards in the tower. A healthy person can go up, view the spectacular Singaporea skyline and come back to the ground within 7 to 10 minutes. The visitors are informed with cabin commentary, alleviating all the surrounding locations and the history of Sentosa Island.

Tiger Sky Tower observation deck
Tiger Sky Tower Observation Deck

What Makes It A Must-Visit Attraction?

1- Don’t forget to take your camera along with you. The Tiger Sky Tower is ideal for taking as many snaps as you want. The view of Singapore from 50 stories’ top is uncommon in Singapore tour albums!

2- The slow spin of tower deck offers a rare chance to make the visit a memorable one!

3- The beautiful smell of Singapore air high above the skies is never found on Singapore streets, crowded with people from all continents and foods from all nations.

4- A single visit to the Tiger Sky Tower allows you to re-order your to-visit list and plan your trip to Singapore while breathing in its air.

5- You will also be able to explore the hotels, restaurants and shopping centers and select the most suitable ones from them.

Tip to Remember

Tourists with a Sentosa Pass are offered free entry into the Tiger Sky Tower. Why not avail this opportunity?

Opening Hours

The Tiger Sky Tower is open daily from 9 AM to 9 PM.


Located on 41 Imbiah Road in Sentosa Island, the tower can be reached on the straight route of Imbiah Road to 41 Imbiah Road or left cut from Siloso road towards Sentosa 4D Magix Pte.

Similar attractions which give you panaromic view of Singapore includes Singapore Cable Car & Sentosa Luge & Skyride.


Photo Credit: CYS & Flickr

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