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Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo

Interesting Facts about The Singapore Zoo:

  • Previously known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens.
  • Opened on June 23, 1973 and officiated by Dr. Goh Keng Swee.
  • Funded by a S$9 million grant from the Singapore government.
  • Protects about 315 species of animals on 28 hectares of land.
  • Visited by over 1.4 million people a year.

Zoos are found all over the world, promising enriching experiences for their visitors, but have you noticed that not every zoo takes into consideration the well-being of the animals they exhibit?  The Singapore Zoo, operated by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, gives exemplary care by accommodating the animals and their visitors so that both benefit from wildlife conservation.

You will be amazed with how Asia’s cultural and ecological wealth is embedded throughout the Singapore Zoo; visiting the Singapore Zoo will change your outlook on what respecting nature, animals, and people is all about!

Animals don’t belong behind bars.

Animals in captivity might survive longer than others of their kind, but that does not justify using uncomfortable restrictions on the animals.  As a model of the ‘open zoo’ concept, the Singapore Zoo takes all the extra steps necessary so that the animals experience their natural habitat.  Unless the animals are great climbers and can be considered a hazard, inconspicuous wet and dry moats are the only separation between them and the visitors.  If you find jaguars and leopards beautiful, you won’t see disheartening bars or cages for these precarious animals, but rather front glass enclosures that create a feeling of openness.

The Singapore Zoo sends out a message of integrity with these standards and, if you take a look at their Policy and Guidelines on Animal Welfare & Ethics, you’ll appreciate that their presentations are focused on not compromising the animal in any way!

Enjoy the sense of freedom, while learning at the same time!

If you like the idea of an ‘open’ exhibit, then it would be great to keep an ‘open’ mind at the Singapore Zoo.  It is sad that a lot of animals, including sixteen percent of the species at the zoo, are considered threatened in our world today.  Want to learn about the world’s current biodiversity?  Learning at the Singapore Zoo can be as easy as looking at a children’s carousel, such as the Endangered Animal Carousel to be exact.  Review the educational programs and publications produced by the Singapore Zoo, and remember that animals (like Ah Meng) are just like us.

Animals are very important for the world, and the Singapore Zoo’s phrase “extinction lasts forever” should not be taken lightly.  On another note, a new exhibit is scheduled to be complete in 2011, which will be Asia’s first river-themed animal attraction and that will help protect more animals!

Feed your wild appetite!

Visitors shouldn’t feed the animals at the Singapore Zoo, but they should definitely look into filling their stomach while they are there!  The Singapore Zoo’s most unique feature is offering the world’s only breakfast buffet (courtesy of Ah Meng) where visitors and orangutans meet (Singapore zoo breakfast with orangutans), and where Asian elephants bathe!  Ah Meng also offers a more casual, air-conditioned, self-service restaurant.  If that isn’t enough, there are six other places where you can eat: Ah Meng Kopi, Pizzafari, KFC, Ben & Jerry’s Scoup Shop, and Cheers!

The Singapore Zoo caters to the needs of everyone.

Keeping yourself hydrated and fed is not an issue.  If you forget to bring water or need a snack, there are many kiosks throughout the Singapore Zoo.  On a first-come-first-served basis, lockers, wagons and strollers can be rented, while wheelchairs can be borrowed.  Visitors have access to wheelchair services for free and the majority of the park is accessible to the disabled.  For many shows, the wheelchair seating capacity ranges from 6 to 15 persons!

In reference to keepsakes of your trip, instant photography is available with the Singapore Zoo ponies, birds, and other animal stars at different hours of the day.  Perhaps the most exciting picture taken for some visitors is during their elephant ride!

Keep this information noted for your visit.

An adult admission costs S$18.00 and a child’s admission (ages 3 to 12) costs S$9.00.  Since prices are subject to change, check the Singapore Zoo’s website for updates and specials. The Singapore Zoo is open every day of the year from 8:30 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening, which will make it easy for any traveler to the beautiful country of Singapore who wants to add it to their itinerary!

Singapore Zoo Address: 
80 Mandai Lake Road,
Singapore 729826

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